Programming language of OS & included apps

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Summary: What/which programming languages are mostly used for making the apps that will be included in MuditaOS?

I am really interested in this program, almost more for seeing a OS designed for e-paper than the device itself (definitely interested in that too though). I was wondering which languages you typically use, and especially for the apps included. While I am quite new to programming, I think MuditaOS will be great first experience for me to get involved with working on an OS, as it is still fresh and for now only needs to consider 1 device. So I hope to fork my own version and try to add some basic apps (e.g. calculator, e-reader, RSS pager, the simple stuff for beginners in programming). So I am curious as to what programming languages are used, and which tools etc.

Edit: I did notice in your vacancies that you seem to use react.js (with Typescript) for your apps, is this correct? That would be great :slight_smile:

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Hi @svenkevs
MuditaOS is written in C/C++. You can see the code after applying for the developer preview.

The desktop app we’re creating Mudita Center is an Electron app so yes it’s JavaScript.
I hope this helps.

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