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Hello there team Mudita.
I was just wondering when are we going to see some add on features on the Calendar app, I think it’s really important since until now we can only browse the dates and do nothing else. I came across about 7 or 8 situations where I had to ask the person I was with to wright down the date and time on paper because my Mudita phone wouldn’t add any events. Will it come in future updates? thank you so much!

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It will not

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@diogoc89 Thanks for reaching out. We discussed the calendar function is a previous thread: Calendar function in Mudita Pure - #27 by urszula
I think our team might be looking at different options since the last time we discussed the topic. There was a time where we didn’t think it was something we could implement & do it well because of all the limitations- however, I’m going to follow up with them & see if anything has changed.

This would be nice, even if you can’t get it to sync to gmail etc. Would be nice to be able to put reminders in

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@cardio79 We had a beta version in the OS when the phone first came out: I posted a video of it here:

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Syncing across all the time zones is what’s really tricky

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While we are on the topic of calendars :slight_smile: A few years ago, one of our team members wrote a blog post about the benefits of paper calendars:

hey Ursula! thanks for all the answers! Im a Mudita pure user for some time now, I don’t have much to complain about the product. In fact my friends are thinking of getting one for them too as I always talk happily about the product.

Anyway, I made a topic about a possible reminders app, as a suggestion, which would be nice to add since as a user it was the only app I was missing. Since the team responded that they wouldn’t do such an app for Mudita, I thought the calendar app would be the thing you guys would be working on in the future updates, since it is a feature app of the phone itself as a “basic” phone.

I understand that paper calendars are nice, and I use one myself, but in my opinion paying 370 Euros for a phone and not having a proper calendar app in the end of the day is super disappointing. A calendar that shows only dates is not much of an app. I just think the phone has so few apps (thank god!) that all the basics of them should be working 100%. It is like having a message app on a phone where you can read the messages but not typing for answering them as a basic feature.

Again im a huge fan of the Mudita phone and I am spreading the Mudita lifestyle to my friends as I believe in its life changing message.
I hope the team really thinks about this and plan to release at least a feature of adding events manually to the calendar app. Just the basics like in the video you showed above.

best regards to all! :smiley: keep up the good work, and happy new year.


Agreed. If you can’t do anything with the Calendar app then there is no reason to be there. It literally is useless