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Hi! I am excited to use my new mudita. My family and I live in a rural area in Kentucky. My Verizon service says my phone is not compatible with their network. I do have AT&T and T Mobile here. Does anyone else have a service provider to recommend? My husband said Google Fi might be the best option. I would love to hear your experience and or advice with these providers.

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Great question, @heatherhempe! I posted something related to your question elsewhere and earlier, but I’ll rephrase it for your question. , if I am reading correctly, says that the Pure supports 4G LTE bands 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12 , 13, 18, 19, 20, 26, and 28.

If you look at the table at

…then you can determine the overlap between what 4G LTE bands the Pure supports and what 4G LTE bands each of the three USA carriers (AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless) supports (the left-hand column in the above table).

Here are the overlaps with Pure-supported 4G LTE bands that I see at first glance:

  • AT&T Mobility: 2, 4, 5, 12
  • T-Mobile (Includes Sprint): 2, 4, 12, 26
  • Verizon Wireless: 2, 4, 5, 13

Others on this forum have noted that not all U.S. carriers are fully supporting the functionality of the Pure. A solution for you may be to borrow someone’s SIM card from each carrier to see which can make and receive calls and text messages.

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The best option is T-mobile or an AT&T MVNO. Verizon may work in your area, but they can shut down the phone since it doesn’t have the proper certification. I’ve been testing the phone for the past month and I can recommend T-mobile or ATT MVNO’s like H20 Wireless only.


To confirm H2O Wireless works well with the Pure?

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@numbcoffee Is that the same H2O wireless that utilizes the AT&T GSM 4G LTE network?

I am asking @Jose_Briones too. Does it use AT&T’s 4G network? Has it been tested yet?
That could be a massive thing in the States if the Pure works well on H2O

@numbcoffee I tested Boost Mobile & AT&T prepaid with Mudita Pure & it work well.

FYI for those wondering about Boost Mobile in the USA (vs. Boost Mobile in Australia), per Wikipedia: “Boost Mobile is an American wireless service provider owned by Dish Wireless. It uses the T-Mobile and AT&T networks to deliver wireless services.”

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H20 wireless works in my area with the Mudita Pure. They have not blocked me yet and it’s been 3 1/2 weeks, so I’d say it’s pretty safe. T-mobile is safer than AT&T MVNO’s, but if you need AT&T, the MVNO’s are the only way. AT&T Prepaid and Postpaid blocked my SIM, but not my H20 wireless one. YMMV. Also, remember only 1-1 calls and 1-1 texts work. No extra features besides that so far.

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Thanks so much, great news. Let’s hope H2O continues to work :slight_smile:

1 Like lists four plans without “Hotspot”

  • Basic Plan
  • Value Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Unlimited Plan

…and two plans with Hotspot:

  • Unlimited XL + 15GB Hotspot
  • Maxed Out Unlimited + 30GB Hotspot

QUESTION: When an H2O Wireless customer connects a Pure by USB cable to a computer so that the computer can access the Internet through the Pure, must that customer have one of the two “Hotspot” plans, @Jose_Briones?

Here are the results of my findings with US providers and tethering

Verizon: works with plans with Hotspot
AT&T: does not work
T-mobile: works with all plans

Verizon: does not work
AT&T: does not work
T-mobile: does not work

Verizon: works with plans with hotspot
AT&T: does not work
T-mobile: works with all plans

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@Jose_Briones Just to confirm: You had no success tethering to Windows with ANY of those networks?

Good data, @Jose_Briones!

Will you be testing whether tethering to the Pure works with these two types of H2O Wireless plans?

  • One of the four H2O plans without "Hotspot"
  • One of the two H2O plans with "Hotspot"

You earlier wrote, “H20 wireless works in my area with the Mudita Pure.” What’s unclear is whether Pure owners must get one of the two with-“Hotspot” plans to make tethering work.

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This thread is turning into gold. Thanks to @Jose_Briones for his diligent work. My thoughts on this are basically:

  1. T-Mobile has some incredible data speeds in urban centers ideal for smartphones but its network coverage to put it plainly, can be loathsome. This isn’t an ideal situation for us American rural customers, using T-Mobile or one of their MVNOs. For the Pure, network coverage and reliability is key.

  2. Verizon (who I have always believed is pure corporate evil tbh) has no desire to even look at the Pure because they probably want lots of money to certify, they will never be a viable option

  3. Which leaves good old AT&T (Less evil than Verizon but not exactly a beacon of customer service). They probably want lots of money too, but their network for voice is pretty strong in much of the United States. Jose mentions that as their customer, they have no desire to have the Pure on their network BUT there is hope using one of their MVNOs, in this case H2O.

@urszula has a very good point. I am a Brit living in the States and over here many industries have been designed to hinder competition and innovation (cell phone providers, utility providers, cable and internet to name a few). It’s a hostile playing field for companies looking to disrupt.

So all things considered, AT&T MVNOs have to be sole focus in my view. It’s Mudita’s best bet.

So with that said, what are all of the MVNO’s that use AT&T’s network? We have H2O and Boost is it so far?

Great thread this!

Correct. Tethering did not work.

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Like I said above, Tethering does not work with AT&T networks in my experience. It didn’t matter which plan I used.


Just doing my part. If you are part of Mudita’s target audience, an AT&T MVNO or T-Mobile are your best bets.


@urszula: Could you please escalate to your developers the fact that tethering the Pure to a Windows computer does not work? (@Jose_Briones did not say which version of Windows he used, but it’s likely to be Windows 10.) This is a big deal, obviously.