How to Update Mudita Harmony using Mudita Center

Hello! I’m starting a thread here for new software releases for Mudita Harmony.

Here is a step-by-step guide to update your Harmony (a part of Mudita Harmony Full User Guide point 18)

Mudita Center is a desktop app that allows you to expand and update the features of Mudita Harmony. Go to this website to download this app for free on your computer.

To connect:

  • Start Mudita Center desktop app
  • Connect your Mudita Harmony to your computer
  • The app will automatically connect the device

To update software:

  • Wait for the device to connect
  • Click ‘Check for updates’
  • If a new software is available, download new update
  • Click ‘Update now’
  • Wait for the confirmation on Mudita Center that the update is completed
  • Click ‘Close’ after update
  • Click ‘Disconnect’ and unplug the device

We recommend checking for software updates regularly via Mudita Center.


Mudita Harmony 1.5.1 - 7.04.2022

  • Bugs fixed - time desynchronisation

Lately there was a new update of Mudita Center. If you will have an issue with connecting Harmony to Mudita Center, please contact us directly at


Mudita Center downloaded 1.5.1 but failed to update my Harmony. Eventually a dialog appeared that let me go to Help, where I clicked this link:

You should edit the Help file, as it focuses on Mudita Pure and but should also mention Mudita Harmony:

Make sure you didn’t any of the following during the update:

  • use your Mudita Pure,
  • unplug your Mudita Pure from the computer,
  • turn off your Mudita Pure,
  • close the Mudita Center app.

Still not working? Contact our Support

Meanwhile, I will try again to update my Harmony to 1.5.1. If the second attempt fails, then I will contact Thank you!


Yay! I did not have to try again to update my Harmony!

Instead, when I disconnected and reconnected to Mudita Center, I got this:



Yes, the same happened to me. I had to restart Mudita Center.


I was glad that the ‘Please Wait’ popup eventually disappeared, as it advised me not to unplug anything, and I would have waited ‘forever’ for permission to unplug my Harmony from my computer! :rofl:


I posted a comment about the update (link below). Sorry, I didn’t notice that it was already a post created about it. I’ll continue my future comments on this thread. :slight_smile:

"just updated, and I’ve synchronized the hour.

I want to add that it continues not to start counting the minute from zero seconds when I select it.

Anyway, it is not an issue for now. I’ll give more feedback further.

Thanks to all the team for the update and hard work for the continuous improvement. :slight_smile:"


I was wondering about this. Whenever I select the checkmark to confirm the new time, I was assuming that this meant that I was starting the Harmony at zero seconds for the selected hours and minutes. It’s not a big deal, but ideally selecting the checkmark would start the selected time at zero seconds. Thanks, Mudita!


Not good news… The display is frozen for the first time (16:14). The soft reset doesn’t work, connecting with the mudita center also doesn’t work, and the factory reset requires to access the menu of the clock, which is impossible since the display is frozen. What should I do more? (I’ve sent an e-mail to the support)

PS: It is a complete “no-go” for me because I wasn’t using my “Braun kind” alarm clock after this update…


@roberto I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues. I’ve pinged @aleksandra - the product lead about this issue. She’ll jump on here shortly.


Thank you, @urszula.
I had the same luck as @kirkmahoneyphd, that it didn’t happen during the night. The alarm is something that I need reliable and not waking up during the night checking if it is working, destroying the sleep routine, as you understand. :slight_smile:

At the moment, it continues unresponsive.

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Hello @roberto I’m very sorry you experience such issues with your Harmony. We naturally test the devices to ensure they work as we planned, that they are stable and reliable. Although our test were thorough, we haven’t had an issue with a device that after working for a while crashes and did not respond. Moreover, this batch of products had an extra quality check here in Poland and every single device was checked. We tried our best to ensure best quality and we will continue so by checking your devices to find the issue causing the problem. We want to provide you with reliable Mudita Harmony but also prevent this problem from happening in the future. So far we had only one or two reports with such issue while over 500 devices have been delivered to our customers. It’s our primary goal to provide you with Mudita Harmony you will feel happy and comfortable with. If you haven’t contacted our support yet, please do so at , we will try our best to help. Once again, I’m very sorry you experienced such issue but i’m also thankful for you reporting it. It enables us to improve our products and hopefully satisfy you with Mudita Harmony soon.


Hello, I’d like to report that I also recently experienced this issue (yesterday). I was relaxing in bed and all of a sudden my Harmony began making really strange noises! It was like a beeping sound coming from the speaker, cutting in and out, it sounded very fuzzy. I looked at the time and it said 6:34pm, but it was actually 7:02pm. I restarted the Harmony by long pressing the back button and it went back to normal. However, this is a serious issue and I am now very worried it will happen when I am asleep.

Another issue that is less pressing, but still odd, is that for some reason the track ‘Bubbling Brook’ refuses to play for me. It’s the only one that won’t play. It just stays stuck on the 1:30:00 screen (I have it set to 90 minutes). It’s been that way since before the recent update; it doesn’t matter if I restart the device.


Hello @cia I’m very sorry you had such a bad experience and thank you for letting us know! Please contact us at if you haven’t already and we will be able to investigate the matter in more detail. I’m sure we will be able to help so that you will have a chance to be satisfied with you Harmony and regain trust and confidence. Once again, apologies and thanks for contacting us!

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I’ve had the same issue with “Bubbling Brook” since updating. Small issue, but hopefully you guys can get it fixed eventually.

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I am still having issues with updating my harmony. As soon as I plug it it, windows throws an error and the harmony does not connect. Tried it with different PCs and different OS’s. Devicemanager in windows says error 43.

2022-06-14 15_29_25-Geräte-Manager

Mudita Harmony 1.6.0 - 14.06.2022


  • Possibility to choose Clock Face from 6 options.
  • Possibility to set a Meditation Timer start delay.
  • UI update (Home Screen settings)


  • Function (pre-awake, snooze, bedtime)
  • Settings of time format
  • Screen settings and the information displayed on them
  • USB communication with Mudita Center

Reminder to update you device through Mudita Center that you can download here.
You will find link to Full User Guide here.
If you face any issues with updates or troubles with your device after update please contact us directly at


This update sounds great, but, like @joeheb, and as I documented elsewhere on the Mudita Forum, my PC running Windows 10 throws a Windows error dialog when I connect my Mudita Harmony to it:

The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

After I wrote to a few weeks ago, Robert Gwarek told me to try to update or reinstall Mudita Center. I successfully updated Mudita Center to the latest version, but Windows 10 persists in throwing that error.

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Any update/news on when user can add their own sounds or at least loop the sounds already installed?

The whole reason I purchased this item is so that I don’t need a phone playing white/brown noise the whole night and a separate alarm.

This was all listed on the products features on launch.


hello @adammoseley Thank you for bringing that up. We are fully aware many customers are waiting for this feature and we want to assure you we are working on it. It is a more complex feature since it requires updates in both products - Mudita Harmony and Mudita Center. It does have highest prio in our backlog of updates and one we will have the release date defined we will let you know.