Mudita Harmony: New release?!? Is it functional?

Just noticed that for Mudita Harmony that there is a new release, v1.6.0 but was unable to see anything about it in the Mudita Forum. Unfortunately, the update fails for me. But, it did not break anything luckily, so I tried twice without success :joy:

I am using Mudita Center v1.3.1 and Mudita Harmony v1.5.1 currently.

@aleksandra Do you know something about this release? Should it work?

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You can check the changelog on GitHub.

In this release, we added the possibility to choose the type of Clock Faces from 6 options. Furthermore, we fixed 39 bugs in our system.


  • Possibility to choose Clock Face from 6 options.
  • UI update (Home Screen settings)


  • Function (pre-awake, snooze, bedtime)
  • Settings of time format
  • Screen settings and the information displayed on them
  • USB communication with Mudita Center
  • Clock desynchronization

Thank you @janmikula for sharing. I forgot this source :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I hope they try to be consistent like making an announcement first in the Mudita Forum and then release effectively the update e.g., at the announced date. Today, I saw that @aleksandra also posted information about the new release here which is a good place to do so.

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Today, I managed to apply the update successfully though, it was not tried differently than the other times when it failed. I wonder what is the deciding factor to succeed …

One thing I noted not matching to what is described in the changelog. I can only select between 3 options as Clock Face in the Settings, not 6: a) The default one with time and alarm time above, b) Time, alarm time above and battery below, and c) Hours and minutes stapled having an alarm icon aside.

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Do you have any idea when I will be able to add my own sounds? This was the actual main reason why I purchased the Harmony. I currently have a set up of Bluetooth speaker and old ipod but I was really hoping that my Harmony would remove the need for this set up.


@skilletsauce I noticed you found meanwhile the other, more suitable forum topic Mudita Harmony Software Update. Anyone else reading this post should consider using that one. Mudita Harmony Software Update has a better visibility by @aleksandra who is the Product Manager for Mudita Harmony. I am going to re-post my observation about the clock faces there too.

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