Links to Reviews of Mudita Pure

I’m going to start this thread & update it with LINKS to reviews of Mudita Pure as they become available because the original thread have become very congested.
Review by @Sandra
Response to Sandra’s review Reviews of Mudita Pure
Review by @joel Reviews of Mudita Pure
Mudita Response to Joel’s review: Reviews of Mudita Pure
Review by @parmin & response by Mudita right below. My thoughts on Mudita Pure
Review with Livestream by @Jose_Briones
My Thoughts and Feedback on the Mudita Pure (Initial Review)
Mudita Pure Tested During Livestream
And early backer review from @raisedwolf

Here is link to an EXTERNAL review on Medium.
I recall a few other community members said that they would post reviews.
@lessismore & @alayah We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Did I miss anyone?
@andrzej we would love to hear a more detailed review from you. :smiley:


Here’s a video unboxing that I made