Reviews of Mudita Pure

Soooo close!! I was going to go there for the holidays but couldn’t because of relocation. Oh well haha. Keep us posted :smiley:

I’ve bought enough devices to see that Sandra and Joel’s reviews highlight the likelihood that Sandra’s phone likely has a faulty audio component. The fact the audio is scratchy even when playing audio off the device in addition to phonecalls, and Joel having a device with good audio makes this a likely cause. Bad wiring or bad speaker (and not endemic to the device; just bad luck).
Both reviews are really helpful and hopefully Sandra can get some support for repair?

@joel I had something like this happen to me here in Poland-where Pure works with all service providers. After some research, I think that it might have something to do with whether your sim card is primarily a data/internet sim card or & GSM/call/text sim card. In Poland, we call them “data SIM card” which provides only mobile data.

@joel Regarding the navigation button noise: was customer service in touch with you about replacing your phone?

Sent you a DM Urszula, thanks!

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Hi @joel, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Your input on the Mudita Pure user experience is greatly appreciated. Let me comment on a few topics mentioned below.

i’ll start by giving my biggest gripe. the squeaky loud creak sound when hitting the down arrow navigation button gets very obnoxious. it sounds like the housing is too tight and pulling against that button. makes me feel like the ‘click’ feeling when you press it, won’t last. think of turning your windshield wipers on when its not wet outside and your wipers are squeaking against your windshield…that’s what it sounds like.

Don’t know if you noticed it, but here @urszula wrote that the down arrow button issue is under investigation and all phones with this issue will be replaced:

had problem with phone recognizing my SIM card, and initially phone wouldn’t operate with SIM card installed. It would just be on an infinite crash loop. I tried my wife’s SIM and it worked. Went to the T-Mobile store and got a new SIM card, and then the phone started working properly. not sure why it couldn’t read my SIM, but no biggie.

I guess it might have been a SIM card issue then. Is there any possibility that you still have the old card? It might be valuable to send us logs via Mudita Center to prevent such issues in the future.

texting (as much as i can tell now) defaults to ABC (caps) which is kind of annoying. every time i text, i have to change it to lower case.

That’s a bug for sure - I’ll pass it further.

have had some issues with texting through mudita center…it appears my messages send, but when i look at my messages on the pure, it will say they didn’t send, and ill need to resend them through the phone. overall, whether on the phone or the mudita center, if a message fails to send, it takes a while to find out. there should be confirmation the message sent for sure.

Sorry to hear that you have issues with sending SMSes via Mudita Center, I’ll pass it further too.

editing contacts doesn’t allow dashes between numbers (ex. 818-888-0000). it says its the wrong format. this is kind of annoying because when i imported my contacts, they all have dashes. if i make any edit to the contact entry, such as editing the name, or entering more information, it won’t allow me to save the changes unless i delete the dashes. it appears i dont HAVE to edit out the dashes though to be able to use the contacts…it just flags you if you happen to edit the contacts.

That’s very interesting - I think we need to investigate the number formatting, as it might be frightening as in your case. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be so hard to implement this.

would be nice to be able to turn the screen completely off. don’t really like always having a display on.

Could you please elaborate on this in detail? The E-ink screen is turned off by default - it’s powered on only during refreshes. Did you mean clearing the display’s content?

slightly slow response, really ONLY due to e-ink technology. its 20 times better than the light phone 2 for sure. didn’t expect it to be much quicker than it is, and if you desire faster response, e-ink is probably not for you.

As you noticed, the only bottleneck here is the E-ink refresh rate. So yes, I totally agree with you :wink:

the overall feel and build of the phone is a little plastic-y for me. the punkt mp02 is much nicer as far as weight, and how the buttons feel (mp02 feels like a well oiled machine).

Sorry to hear that. We designed Mudita Pure with only high-quality materials, in order to ensure it’s durable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, I hope that you will get used to it and it won’t give you the plastic feel anymore.

pretty large in size in comparison to the mp02 (not unexpected from all the pictures mudita has posted though, it’s exactly as it has been presented)

The size is also a business decision - there’s also a topic on the forum about Pure’s size :slight_smile: How do you feel about the size of the Mudita Pure?

i agree with sandra about long sms tones, there could be some shorter, single tone sounds for messages.

We’ll definitely take a look at it. There will be also a possibility to upload your own ringtone via Mudita Center.

need to a guide to figure out tethering. its not showing up in my normal wifi networks. seems initial setup may be a little more complicated for the wired tethering.

Good idea! We’ll try to write down a guide/tutorial on how to use it on all supported systems.
I see that you already figured out that it’s wired tethering, so in short:
Linux: should work out of the box.

Windows: Modem’s drivers might be required to install, search for Quectel EG25 Modem drivers.

macOS: HoRNDIS is required to install. (

I’ll summon @sharaz here, as he was preparing a manual for tethering I think.

old school ‘abc’ texting works fine. i am OK with no predictive texting. with a simple phone, sometimes predictive texting can take more time than you think. the mp02 has so many wrong predictions and bad grammar that i end up spending way more time fixing the message than i save by using predictive text. however i always try it because sometimes it IS faster! i’d rather it just not be a temptation to use, unless its nearly perfect.

We’re glad that you like it!

sound quality is totally fine for me. while it might be a tiny bit high in the treble and stuff, it is loud enough. that’s what i care about most. the mp02 is sometimes too quiet, although its a little warmer. i think the sound quality of conversations is as expected. the speaker is really loud too. it could benefit from some EQ changes, but not necessary.

As mentioned before, we’ll be addressing the audio issues to minimize the drawbacks as much as possible.

‘dark mode’ is a really nice option. its basically inverted black and white. makes the phone look better in my opinion but there is more screen bleed from the e-ink in dark mode, however it’s in beta mode and may get even better!

Thank you! As you noticed, it’s only in beta mode right now, so it’s not top-notch right now - that’s why we are thrilled that you liked it in this form.

glad there aren’t emojis - can do an oldschool heart — <3

Actually, there are emojis :slight_smile: You can enter the emoji menu by long-pressing the asterisk (*) button and then pressing the left function button.

Thank you again for taking the time to write such a detailed review. We really appreciate the feedback. Let us know if there’s anything else.


Thanks so much for that response. So nice of you to take the time too!

I will say regarding the contact format (with the dashes, +, space only), it may be a bigger issue. I am having trouble with messages failing to people in my contacts. For example, if I use my imported contact for my wife and send her a message on the pure (calling works ok), it will fail. But if she texts me, I will get her message, but it won’t link to her contact…it will come in just as her phone number. I believe this may be because the contact format may not be exact in my contact, vs. what the phone requires. is it +18185550000, 18185550000, or just 8185550000? shouldn’t they all work? not sure why i am running into those issues. Im at work now, and not using the pure at the moment, but i will do more research on this and get back to you what i find.
i guess this could be a different bug issue, but it seems related to contact formatting.


@Bartosz_sp2feT can you please explain why things like mobile hotspot and cloud syncing of messages from the mudita desktop application don’t work? Has the data signal on the phone been consciously disabled? Does the phone have the capacity to access data internet, but this is turned off? Could features like mobile hotspot be enabled in the future? Or is it entirely impossible?

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There is another issue with the sound quality on the phone that no one has addressed yet. Part of the motivation to buy the pure, for me, was because it is advertised as supporting FLAC files, rather than merely mp3. However, if the device is unable to properly process the higher resolution of audio quality, then even if i use headphones, the FLAC files will be wasted by the inferior audio hardware. Can anyone weigh on whether this phone can actually handle playing high-res audio files through wired headphones?

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Phone doesn’t have a WiFi module. On data, let’s wait and see what they say.

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Sandra’s phone likely has a faulty audio component […] can get some support for repair?

(Also the creaky down arrow.)

Well, I’m not a paying backer! I had a really-late-in-the-queue preorder (which I cancelled when Mudita gave me a phone*). So it feels like it’d be a lot to ask for.

Also, I haven’t listened too closely to the other phone recordings on here (because I have a hard time with clippy sound)—are they better?

Also, I don’t have another phone. I’d be out of luck if I would send this in.

*: I know, I know… the amount of hours I put in on this last spring, at my current day job’s rate, that’s a pretty expensive phone :woman_with_headscarf::beetle: but at the time I didn’t have a job so I was happy to contribute and to learn more about this interesting project. I had no idea they were gonna send me a phone, especially send one so early, and I am flattered and grateful.


Hey! The creaky navigation keys stopped creaking!?? Maybe they just need to be broken in?

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mine stopped creaking as much when i picked it up this morning, but the more i use it the more it starts creaking again. especially when pressed softer than harder.


How’s charging speed? How long does it take to get to 100%

Also @joel if you can tell us your experience.

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Mobile hotspot, like @Jose_Briones said, requires WiFi hardware, which is not included in our boards. Mobile data is disabled on purpose, and tethering works via forwarding the USB packets from the modem to the PC - it’s a passthrough.
So when you consider the lack of the WiFi module in our phones the answer is clear - we can’t provide you with a mobile, wireless hotspot.

Playing through the headphones port is done by a physical audio codec - it’s “directly” connected to the Jack, so no loss of quality will be observed.

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But via Bluetooth? Not wifi, but still wireless… (i don´t want this functionality myself though… USB-cable will do just fine!)

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Regarding Bluetooth, it might be doable, but it would involve a lot of work as right now we just passthrough the USB packets from the modem to the PC - we would need to act as a target for the modem, set up the IP stack in the OS and then pass it via Bluetooth. Please also consider the limited data rate of BT tethering - it could be unacceptable with some hard data usage sites.

On the other hand, syncing with Mudita Center via Bluetooth should be much easier to do. I’ll pass the idea further :wink:


Hello ! I’m asking to those who have receive their pure : are you happy with it ? Does it work fine ? We don’t hear you so much… Please, step up ! We’ll be happy to read what you think and what your experience is like, even if it’s a few words.


Maybe only very few phones have been delivered. Very strange that only two people have commented that seems to have got the phone delivered. And no phones sent to any ”professional” reviewers. I Will soon cancel my orders if i don’t get an estimated delivery MONTH at least. You don’t have to publish it in public here. But send me a PM or an email.