Early Backer Mudita Pure Review

Some background-I can say I easily catch myself endlessly scrolling on my smartphone for hours without noticing the time going by. It has caused many problems to say the least. I live in New York City where phones without at least 4G functionality will drop calls, sound terrible or simply never connect to cellular towers. Population density makes the feature phones available to me unusable. So I looked for a feature phone without any applications that could distract me. I needed a phone with 4G connection that could make calls and texts without issues. Mudita Pure at the time was the only option available. I liked the philosophy behind Mudita so it was a no brainer.

Things I loved- Compared to other feature phones the Pure feels very nice to hold and the material feels premium. Button placement and clicking them feel satisfying. I also love the E-Ink display and scrolling around the menu is very snappy. Physically the phone is amazing and the software is very simple to use. I love that the phone doesn’t demand any of my attention.

My gripes- Audio for calls and headphones are a bit too low even at max volume. Texting with a number pad is a chore but this is to be expected from a phone that lacks a keyboard. I also noticed the battery life lasted about 2 days with minimal use. (I keep reading it will be optimized with updates) I was hoping since the display wasnt backlit LCD or OLED the battery life would be much longer.

Bottom Line- Calls worked well, and I experienced no problems with texting.
The Pure is exactly what I needed this phone to be. A minimalist reliable cell phone device that will help me finally break my terrible smartphone addiction.


I have seen this complaint so many times on this forum that I now wonder whether the good folks at Mudita have better hearing than we customers have.


Which carrier are you using? I’m glad to know that the speaker issue is not only on my end. :slight_smile:

Did you receive group mms or sms, images, or other data?

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I am currently using T-Mobile network. I did not receive group mms,sms or images. I was happy to see Emojis display correctly. All my prior group messages where done through IMessage so I assumed those wouldn’t come through. Thanks for your review Jose, it was was spot on.

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Yep. T-Mobile is the only carrier to use this with haha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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^ Good news!

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Good to see that I’m not the only one with 2 day battery capacity. And also good to see that it might be fixed with updates??


Definitely - we have found that leaving BT on drains battery even more and we found a place for optimizing it out, so a few power management fixes will be included in the next release