Is social media to blame for internet addiction?

In a previous thread, we looked at social media addiction from a humorous side, however, the ramifications can be quite serious- deadly even.
I recently came across an article about parents who are suing FB/INSTAGRAM & Snapchat, claiming it’s “addictive by design” and was the reason their son took his life.

This got me thinking- Is social media 100% to blame? Do we hold some personal responsibility as to how we use it? Should parents be more vigilant about their children’s access to social media?
Those of you here, who are parents to kids under 18, how do you handle social media usage with your children?

It is addictive by design. Read the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and watch the netflix doc a Socail Dilemma. Social media was not designed to make the world a better place. It was designed to be addictive to keep our eyes on the screens to be sold as a commodity to advertisers. Now do not get me wrong a lot of people do a lot of good charity work etc over social media but in my opinion social media has caused more harm than good. There are numerous examples of kids getting bullied over social media and eventually leading to suicide because they felt like there was no other option. We were lab rats. They figured out how to use our brains addictive capabilities. Best we can do is spread the word about what these companies are trying to do and from there decide what type of relationship we want with our technology


@cardio79 Do you think we should look at social media like we do at cigarettes? The way cigarette manufacturers KNEW of the dangers & risk of smoking, yet covered it up. Once it was out in the open & they couldn’t deny it, all sorts of restrictions were put on the product,
Now, when I see someone smoking, I feel like they know what they are doing to themselves & it’s their free will. If they get sick or have complications, those are just consequences.


100 percent. I forget which company, but they admitted they tried to make cigarettes as addictive as possible. It comes down to the all mighty dollar. All these companies care about is selling us as a product to the highest bidder. It is up to us to realize that this is what is going on and then fight back for our freedom. Because we are being manipulated every single day