You had ONE job Mudita

I’m sorry to write this post but… come on Mudita… you had ONE job… make a phone that makes calls and text. Even after the update:

  • Sound quality is awful… Why is my smartphone sound so much better quality and louder? Didn’t you put a great Harmann speaker in the mudita Pure ?
  • Connectivity is awful… With my smartphone I can make calls in my house, but not with Mudita Pure… Is it possible for you to improve the connectivity or is it hardware?

It’s super disappointing for an almost 400$. Really hope you can get this straight because I believe in the vision and I don’t want a refund. I just want the phone to work! Thanks in advance for your honest feedback

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@alexfrca We’re sorry that you’re not satisfied with Mudita Pure. We do understand that there are some issues that still need to be ironed out and we are working diligently to implement all the necessary fixes. However, we also, know that Mudita Pure has some limitations, due to our LOW-SAR antenna. If you would like to return your Mudita Pure, we would be happy to accept you return & process your refund. Please contact our customer support dept via
Again, we are sorry you’re not happy.

So that is the reason people have the call issues? The low sar value? My biggest concern has been the advertising for the phone was shown as a global compatible and right now it seems as it is not. Is there a way to improve connection in other countries such as Canada? This is what worries me the most. Love the phone but I have to be able to at least call on it


My old samsung had 0.14 SAR and call reception was dodgey near some buildings. Otherwise, no problem with speaker volume, calls, and texting. I didn’t text but could recieve text. Samsung e590

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