What kind of Predictive text will be used

Lots of conversation about predictive texting, I would like to add my recent blog post to the mix :slight_smile: https://mudita.com/community/blog/predictive-texting-the-need-for-speed/ Check it out & let me know your thoughts.


This was a very interesting argument to consider about the harm that might come with predictive text. Similar arguments and studies appear when we study the effects of modern GPS navigation, and I never really considered these effects when it came to the way I have been texting my entire life.

On the other hand as someone who recently began to use a feature phone with a numerical keypad, it has been difficult to ignore how much time it now takes to send short texts even with predictive text. As someone who has switched to a feature phone to avoid distraction, it has been quite annoying to spend unnecessarily large amount of time to send short texts to my parents when they are checking up on me when I hang out with friends. Just some of my perspective I guess.


@ALEJANDRO_LOPEZ I do agree with you. The technology is great, and although it may have some unintended consequences, it is pretty annoying to live without it once you’re accustomed to having it in your life,

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Predictive text is essential, I think. Especially with a alphanumeric keyboard phone.


To get back on topic: what kind of predictive text will be used or are candidates other than T9?


@thinkround because of the delay, we do want to take advantage of the additional months for additional software development. Currently we’re in the process of verifying which option would be better for us. However, we did notice the subject of predictive texting is a very popular one. I’m definitely bringing this to our teams attention. There are more than 2 threads on this forum with discussions concerning predictive texting. We definitely see how important this feature is for buyers.


Now that’s a well thought out article featuring many key points to consider. It’s almost like when we have too much to choose from, we end up wasting time searching.