What kind of Predictive text will be used

I would like to know what kind of predictive text will be used since its not T9? For an almost $400 phone with shipping its important to know. I don’t know why you can’t use T9 though. Even my Sonim XP5s has T9 and its android but has old school keys like the mudita pure

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I was told from Mudita on their YouTube channel that they won’t be implementing predictive text because it’s imperfect and you can just use the laptop to send longer messages. So they say you’ll need to use triple click instead. Odd considering on their forum they talk about how they have been working on their own form of predictive text. Could be in a latet update?
If they do choose to forgo predictive text, I may still buy the phone but I won’t be happy. It seems almost hypocritical to me though to say their phone promotes low radiation and keeps you offline, but if you don’t want to fight your phone to send a text message you need to get on your bright, backlit, radiation emitting laptop, that has access to the internet, just to send a decent message. Seems unminimal to me, tbh. I think we should have the choice to use predictive text or triple tap because for some things, one works better than the other. I can’t have a laptop on me at work. That’s 8+ hours I have my phone where I can’t use a decent texting option, and I text a lot.

I agree, especially for the price they are asking. Triple click takes a lot longer to text than t9. I was wanting to get this phone but I’m not spending almost $400 on a phone that’s going to be a pain to text on. Especially since I got my sonim for $50 and t9 is perfect on it

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Interestly, I also have a Sonim (XPS5s) as non-smartphone that I would like to replace with something simpler and I just stumbled upon this. My Soinim is way too heavy/bulky and the inadvertent button presses from being in my pocket are very bothersome.

There’s a lot to like about the Mudita, but for ~4x cost (I paid about $100 for my Sonim), you’re already dealing with inherent drawbacks to this type of device (biggest one, would be no camera) that is already difficult to swallow, but I could probably learn to live without. But missing something as simple as t9 is puzzling. Also, for trying to be music/audiobook-friendly, but I see no SD card slot and with only 16GB internal memory, this is not enough for my music/podcasts.

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I am okay without a camera, but it would have been nice to have the ability to add more storage. I’m not sure how often I’m going to need to delete text messages. I also wish you could expand the storage. It would be nice to use the phone as an MP3 player.

Since you can’t open a multimedia message, I’m guessing the quantity of text messages would not be an issue.