Will phone be able to read SIM contacts?

Will Mudita phone be able to see SIM contacts?
My Moto G7 does not see SIM contacts natively. It can only “import” SIM contacts into Contacts app and I don’t like that. Being able to access SIM contacts is a fundamental functionality of a phone.

To prove that I am not alone take a look this thread on Nokia’s community forum where 2 different users complain about lack of this feature in Nokia 225 (4G):

Relevant parts are here:

I didn’t find a way to use the SIM to store contacts, instead I had to copy them to the device first.

No option to use contacts from SIM which is supported on all Nokia feature phones till now.

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@alexlya you mean like import contacts stored on your SIM? We’re finalizing it as we speak!


@urszula Thank you for reply, but sadly no. The feature that is missing from modern phones is when you don’t need to import contacts from SIM card at all. Say, when you get a phone call a cellphone looks into SIM card, finds a contact that matches a phone number and then displays to the user the name of who is calling, like “John Smith”. Without the need to import contacts into “phone’s memory”/“phone’s storage”.
It’s a basic functionality that old phones had.

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@alexlya I will ask my team if something like this is possible- if it’s just a matter of Operating System programming or if it’s something more complex.