The art of waking up gracefully in the morning

So, how do you start your day, what does your morning routine look like? What is important to you to get a good start?
Personally, I try to get up a bit earlier than necessary, mostly to get time for a bit of reading and silent contemplation. I also got a alarm clock with bird songs and sounds from nature, dont know if it makes any difference on morning stress, but it is enjoyable. Finally I try to think of someone I can encourage a bit, either by sending a text, making a call or doing something kind. Not always that the opportunity shows up, but atleast Im prepared.


I had a decent routine for awhile of waking up early, listening to music and exercising. Then I found myself stuck in a bad habit of waking up and sitting on the couch and browsing and browsing and browsing…from that experience I gained nothing but a sore neck and back. Reading the news isn’t particularly positive. Watching videos is a waste of time. I am slowly getting back to a healthier routine of just reading. Not the news, but books. I don’t miss the news. It is nice to miss out on things.


@John_Andersson I am a HUGE fan of waking up early. I have a dog, so it’s not much of a choice . I don’t think I’ve slept in much over the last several years :slight_smile: I like to start my day off with a strong cup of coffee & a loooooong walk with my dog. We walked 5km this morning. I’ve gotten so used to our morning walks, that I just feel off when I miss one due to being out of town or on vacation. Whether it’s 30C or -30C I go outside first thing in the morning & greet the day.