The importance of a bedtime routine

In an recent post, on of our community members, @mindful321 asked me about my morning wake-up routine. Although a good morning routine is essential to get your day started off right, I’m also a fan of a calming bedtime routine, which helps me get ready for bed. Our brains LOVE routines. Without them, our brains would be overwhelmed.
In a recent blog post we discuss the importance of an OFFLINE bedtime routine & why it can help you fall asleep easier & faster, resulting in a better night’s rest.
Do you guys have a bedtime routine? What’s your cut off time for screens before bedtime?


Imagine if the color of the front light of the Mudita Pure could change from blue, as described on the product page, to sunset (red) at sunset :city_sunset: and then change back to blue at sunrise! :sunrise:


There’s something about a good recliner that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a different place. You can curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show, or you can get up and make yourself some coffee—and if it’s cold out, you can even use the remote to warm up the whole house! Whether you’re looking for a new chair or just trying to decide which one is right for your home, we’ve got all the information you need to choose the best recliners. First things first: What will you be doing with your recliner? If you’re going to be watching TV all day, then a recliner with plenty of space for your legs will be great. But if you plan on getting up often and using it as an office chair or as part of a reading nook in your living room, then a smaller model may be better suited. After that, do a tharough research and read reviews at reviews. This way you will be able to buy the best recliners. If you have young kids around, then consider how easy it will be for them to get into and out of the chair if they ever need to use it alone—and also how long they’ll be able to stay in it before their back starts hurting from staying too long in one spot!

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I like to air out the room before bed, take a shower and then just talk in bed with one of the family members. It gives me a sense of calm and security before going to bed.


Carrie Bennett talks in this video about the value of looking eastward in the morning in the first few minutes of a sunrise each day.

The weather app on my Sunbeam Wireless F1 Orchid tells me the current day’s sunrise time as well as several future days’ sunrise times. However, it won’t chime at sunrise automatically.

Imagine a feature on the next Mudita cellphone that chimes a few minutes before sunrise each day throughout the year according to the owner’s latitude and the current day of the year. This would facilitate the daily act of looking eastward at sunrise consistently throughout the year.

Carrie says in this video that good sleep tonight STARTS with getting mornng UVA light into the eyes this morning.