Shipping/Customs/Delivery info

As we begin to ship more & more devices & products, we recently got some feedback from some customers that they are experiencing some issue with FedEx.

Once you get a tracking link, you are able to see the expected delivery of your package. As I mentioned, some customers have reached out to us that they are having some difficulties. Some packages are stuck for days at a courier sorting center. Some users have gotten customs/duty invoices from FedEx.

We have an agreement with FedEx that MUDITA pays all the duty/customs fees. If you get notices asking you to pay- please don’t pay it. If you see that your package is not moving- reach out to us.

If something like happens to you guys, PLEASE, as soon as you get some info let us know. The sooner we can intervene the better.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not send out tracking info- the courier sends out that info once they have picked up the package from our warehouse.

Also, we are working on getting some different shipping options, especially for our customers in the EU, so that shipping is not so expensive.


I’m gonna bump up this post because we are still experiencing this issue with FedEx. If you’re tracking your package & you noticed it did not move in more than a couple of days or it’s stuck in customs PLEASE reach out to us ASAP so we can intervene.

I ordered a Mudita Pure because I saw that the delivery only takes 5 to 7 working days, is this actually true? I received an invoice a few days after I placed the order but no idea of my order status because it does not show up in mu account here.

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@bel Thanks for reaching out. Did you set up an account on when you ordered? Currently, only logged-in users can see their order history. In theory it should take about 5-7 days, however, the logistic sector is super stressed right now, so it might take a bit longer. I think we’ve had feedback in it usually takes about 7- 10 business days if it’s going to the US, Canada or Australia.

I received it thank you.

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@bel Good to hear! Enjoy & give us your feedback.

Mine is stuck with “in warehouse – The package is in a secure facility pending clearance or resolution.” – I got the tracking number from Mudita rather than UPS – apparently they want some customs stuff but nothing is being done about it? It’s been sitting with this status for 8 days. Shipping to Australia.


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@grilledcheesebb Hey fellow cheese connoisseur :smiley: :cheese:
I can check on this for you. Can you DM your order number?

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