No service on Pure

My Pure suddenly lost service yesterday and as of now still nothing. I’ve removed the SIM card to my old iPhone for awhile to use it. Now back in the Pure and it does not recognize the SIM card. I have tried restarting, switching slots-- nothing. It was updated to 1.7.0. last week and was working fine. Any ideas on what I can do?



I’m sorry to hear about your Pure.

Please contact us via our email and we will do our best to help.
The only idea I have for the moment is to try another SIM card. It proved to work before.


@catan Thanks for letting us know about this issue. @Grzegorz_Szmidt will help you our on the Customer Service side, however, I would also ask you to see if you’re able to send logs to us via Mudita Center.

Here’s are the instructions:


@Grzegorz_Szmidt did reach out to me and suggested I try another SIM card. I did (not the same number), and it received signal right away. I switched back to my old SIM card and it worked! The signal was spotty for that day and the next couple days, now it is working like before.


YAY! Thanks for sharing this :pray: And thank you @Grzegorz_Szmidt for always being there for our Community

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@catan AWESOME! Thanks for letting us know.
@Grzegorz_Szmidt Thank you for helping out so quickly! You’re the best.


So I’ve had a similar issues on and off since. Mostly when I go out, I tend to lose signal (I know there are pockets of no signal where I go and this happens on my iPhone too). WIth the Pure, I always have to restart the phone to regain the signal. I haven’t been in a situation where I urgently needed to call so it’s been fine. I am just wondering-- are these signal issues something that can be resolved?

Connection stability can be influenced by various factors, including network coverage, local conditions, and weather, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Pure was designed with low SAR in mind. We are proud of the fact that we managed to make an antenna with such low emission, but the trade-off in this case will be the signal strength. For this reason, Pure will sometimes have problems maintaining a stable connection. Whether it’s hardware design, local factors, or all of the above at the same time, this is something that cannot be fixed, unfortunately.