Mudita Pure Bug: Vanishing APN Settings

I’ve had this occur twice, typically around 7 to 8 PM after arriving home from work.

Because it happens sporadically, I may have the events slightly confused but to my recollection:

First instance: Noticing I hadn’t received any messages for a about an hour, I saw I had lost cell connection. I did as @Jose_Briones often describes and reset the SIM connection. This is a common thing to do on Pure (though less so with the new update) and can be performed a number of ways: The hardware slider, switching between SIMS1 and 2, etc.

This didn’t work this time So I checked to see if my default APN had changed (I have gotten better signal performance by adding a manual APN as per my MVNO). Going into APN settings, every entry—my custom and the automatic— had vanished.

Worried, I readded my MVNO’s suggested APN. After a few seconds 12 texts came rolling in and all the APN entries repopulated: including the original AND new, duplicate MVNO access point I entered. I deleted the duplicate and everything was fine.

In the Second instance, last night, the same thing happened,. I did the same sequence of testing, but after re-adding my access point, the list did not repopulate and I did not reconnect. Restarting the device reconnected me, and repopulated the APN settings list—again with my duplicate.

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Hello @corgan, would you be able to do the following steps?:

  1. connect your Pure to a computer where you have installed Mudita Center. Open Mudita Center (make sure it’s the most recent version of Mudita Center).
  2. Once your phone is connected in Mudita center, click “Help”. A new window will appear.
  3. Click the button marked below:

  1. Fill out the form with your email address. In the message field put the serial number of your phone.

You can find the serial number of your phone after you click “About your Pure” on the main page of Mudita Center (as shown below).

  1. Click SEND
    This will allow us to understand either there’s an issue with the phone, antenna, network, software etc. and hopefully to find a fix for this.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Will be sure to do so: it will be late in the evening here (EST). I can start doing this whenever I have a bug to post here.

I hope you don’t mind a post here also: I think these threads are good reminders to people that they’re not alone–just in case they’re experiencing the same.

Thanks for reaching out.


I’m sure there’s a LOT of possibilities. I’m anecdotally curious about the SIM contacts, FYI. Not sure why. But, I guess the good news there is, if that were a problem, a slight tweak to drawer tolerances might help.

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Sent! Thanks again.