Mudita Pure Bug: Combined Texts

Hey team. Had this instance on my first full day of use: a mass text sent by GrubHub the night before, was only received at around 8:10 this morning. When it did arrive, it interjected into the text thread I had open at that moment. It seems to permanently live there now.


@corgan Very weird phenomenon. I will pass this on to the devs right away.

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Thanks @urszula

It’s called: concurrency :wink:

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@corgan I’ve got some info from the devs.

  1. Have you checked if you have the most recent MuditaOS installed. They said that a bug similar to this came up previously & it was fixed.
  2. Have you had the chance to send the logs from your Pure to Mudita though Mudita Center. This allows the devs to recreate the issue & get it fixed right away.

At the time @urszula it was the most recent. I’ll check both of these things again.

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@corgan Were you able to send your logs to Mudita through Mudita Center? This would really speed up getting a fix for your issue.

I was only able to do this, last night, which is after the 1.2.0 update. Hopefully there is still useful information in there!

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