Mudita Harmony Update

I have not heard anything new regarding the next update to the Mudita Harmony. I am still patiently waiting for the advertised ability to add my own tracks to the device. As mentioned before, that was the primary reason for my purchase of the device.

Can more transparency around the update be shared with the community?



@jeromey Thanks for reaching out. We’ve discussed this topic extensively on this forum. Do you log in often? Because you might have missed all the updates. The forum is telling me the last time you posted was 5 months ago? If that’s the case, there have been some software updates for both Harmony, Mudita Center & Mudita Pure.
Our team even posted all the change logs of all the updates and future release notes on our website because we do want to be transparent about what we are doing. You can find the all of the releases regarding Mudita Harmony here: Mudita Support
Hopefully this helps.

I check sometimes from my tablet, which isn’t logged in. I know there have been updates to the Harmony, but to date I have not heard about when the ability to add my own sounds will be released.
I would like to just know how long I have to wait for the advertised feature to be added to the Harmony. Can someone advise when it will be coming out? Because it seems to have slipped all the quoted timelines I recall seeing.
I was expecting more transparency around this feature because it was a feature advertised to be available at launch. I understand if there were circumstances that prevented the feature from being added at launch, but I was hoping that delivering updates to bring the device up to its advertised state would have priority. I seem to be mistaken in that assumption.


@jeromey: I would love to see a project-management flowchart or a swimlanes chart posted and regularly updated by Mudita, so that all of us Harmony owners could see when Mudita predicts the launch of a new feature. Granted, the chart might need frequent corrections, but at least we would have a visual to check every so often.


Hi, there is one step in this direction.

Mudita started announcing details about the next upcoming release, its version no., scheduled month and what will be added/fixed. There is for each product a section present called Future Release Notes on the Mudita Support page. So, for Mudita Harmony the next release would be Mudita Harmony 1.7.0 (Preview).

Edit: Sorry. The above portion is a kind of repetition of what @urszula already wrote here. Somehow I overlooked and phrased it in my own words. But maybe it made sense to emphasize it one more time? :sweat_smile:

Aside that, I wonder if a polling could be implemented to rate which feature(s) would be anticipated most in an upcoming release by the community and/or owners of a product. For instance, a slot in an upcoming release could be settled by such poll being selected from a list curated by Mudita.

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Looking at the expected changes in the next update I still didn’t see a mention of adding my own sounds to the device.

@jeromey From what was communicated to me, is that the ability to add your own audio to Mudita Harmony will be implemented in the next quarter. It was always a priority, however, as more & more devices went out, there were bugs & issues that needed immediate fixing, so our team prioritized that. I will ask for an updated time line regarding this issue.


hello @jeromey we do understand that this feature is important for you, it is really important for many users and we’ve always had that in mind. As i mentioned on other threads - it’s the most complex feature so far since it combines works both on Harmony and Center, but also has to be similar to other products such as Pure and be possible to implement to any future Mudita products. Despite its complexity, it does have the highest prio among other features. Since works on this feature depend on other products, it’s hard to predict the exact scope when it’ll be implemented. Therefore, we plan release scopes having in mind we might add this feature as soon as we’ll know it’s ready in other products. This is why you’ll not find it in advance. For now, 1.7.0. is at the finishing line and will be tested shortly. We are aiming to add this feature to 1.8.0. but it can’t be confirmed at this point. We know it’s frustrating that we are not sharing the long term plans with you. The truth is, we always try to stay flexible and if we have a chance to deliver better product faster, we’ll just take it so that you can enjoy this feature quicker. Hope it’ll help you get the better picture. We are very thankful for your patience!