Missed Calls while being on call don't get recorded

I am someone who is a lot on phone calls and I noticed, that some phone calls get “lost” in the calling history.
When I’m on a Call with someone and another Person is calling me, I hear a very slight Beep, but I don’t get notified on the screen who is calling and I can’t take the call or decline it. It would be helpful if we could do this with future updates.

But if I don’t react and I miss the Call, it won’t appear in the Calling history wich is a real bummer for me. I need to call the People back but I don’t know who called me because it’s not shown on the Screen or recorded in the Calling history.

Anyone Else noticing the same behaviour on their pure?

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As a quick follow up, I also noticed that when I get a call (while being on a call) and I end the first call to be able to take the second call, it also disconnects the second call as well. So I have no possibility to get the second call, or be able to call back since there’s no log of it.

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Let me see if I understand this correctly:
If you’re on the phone, speaking with someone & another call comes in, you have no possibility to switch over to the second call? Kinda like call waiting?

Exactly, also if I hang up the call it I am already on, the incoming call gets dropped as well.
And there will be no entry in the calling history.
If I continue with the call I am already on and the second caller stops calling, there will be no entry in the calling history as well.

I also noticed that sometimes the phone does a restart when 2 calls are coming in.

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@nanomaron Thanks for claryfying this. I have reached out to @Bartosz_sp2fet who, I’m sure will be able to help answer your question as to why this is happening. I don’t know if this is carrier-specifice or a bug, but I’m sure Bartosz will be able to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, could you please send over the logs to Mudita via Mudita Center.

When I connect my Pure with my Mac I don’t get any Error Messages or logs that I could report. Is there a way to manually send logs?

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@nanomaron Make sure your Mudita Center is open & then go here:
Navigate to the Help Section

Then click on this icon:

Then you’ll just have to imput some info & the logs are already attached.


Thank you! I just sent the Logs. :slight_smile:


I noticed when I use the Carrier codes to enable and disable Call waiting (*43# and #43#), I get a Message on the phone that says “Call Waiting failed”. Maybe this might help this case.


Hi, Thank you so much for sending the logs. We will take a look at this, and will keep you updated over the email.


@nanomaron Thanks so much for posting this tip.