I went 24 hours without my phone and here’s what happened

Laura is a Marketing Specialist for Perfect Gym Software. She is a native-born Los Angelenos who relocated to Warsaw, Poland two years ago. She spends most of her time at the gym, on an airplane, or online shopping. She committed to 24 hours without her smartphone and wrote a blog post sharing what she discovered.
How do you relate to that? Ever tried to get rid of your phone for at least a day?


This is fantastic!


Oh yes, I have done this before. In fact, I did for a few months last year and I just turned off my smartphone again a month ago. I am a professor at a business school and the constant din of emails and Teams combined with scrolling through the news several times a day was not good for me or my family. It also wasn’t a good example for my students who are under the impression that one needs to be connected to succeed. They want to set themselves apart? I show them that there is more than one way to do things.
The most bizarre thing? I am still on top of my emails! Inbox zero! And, I have read 3 books or so this month!


Great article!
In one of the recent Podcast, Jay Shetty former monk explained how much people are addicted to their phones. He mentioned University of California study that on a test group more than 67% of people would rather to be electrically shocked than left with their own thoughts for 15 minutes! This study shows how hard for modern people is to get rid of large amount of screen time during the day. On the other hand it might be very useful tool and piece of data about ourselves on becoming more self aware. Shout-out to Laura for having this 24 hour challenge!


Fortunately I’m not addicted at all to my phone and only realize that it exists when it rings. It’s quite normal for me to forget it in my car or inside a backpack or laying forgotten in some other room distant from the one I’m at, sometimes for days. A very positive consequence is to be very focused on what I really want to do.


You know what? Reading through this just made me think I would like to try it. I am very curious about my own feelings - how much I will “miss” the phone, how big the anxiety will be etc. I may try it during the weekend and I’ll come back here to share my story :slight_smile:


I cannot walk downstairs and make a coffee without my phone being in my pocket.


I’m software engineer and I live without phone for already 8 years. Sometimes I just turn it on to receive phone calls or SMS. We have the only one smart phone for the whole family. Most the the communication we do offline or online via desktop computer with wired network. Hopefully more and more people are going to stop using their phones, because of high SAR, bad effect on the eyes, more time spend with their family and children.


I wrote here my life without a smartphone.

My Nokia is almost a dead weight since I don’t do many calls or SMS. I do all the digital work on my iPad, connected with wired internet. We don’t have Wi-Fi at home.

I agree with the last sentence of Dmitry, and I add that we are in an over flooded era of technology and speedy information that we, humans, are not ready to handle or needed. So yes, it is a question of time until people figure out the costs of it.


Can I have the link to the article? :slight_smile: it seems to have disappeared from the post!


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This line from the phone: “That’s right — every house had one phone, one phone line.”
Plus then he goes on to list the phone numbers of his friends :slight_smile: LOVE IT.
My parents still have a house line, same number from 1989- I think the area code changed at some point in the 90s :slight_smile: