How do you feel about the size of the Mudita Pure?

I’m personally on the fence a bit. I mocked it out at home with a bit of modeling clay and it feels okay but certainly isn’t the escape from massive pocket-devices I was hoping for.

I was hoping for at least maybe 10-15% smaller than the iPhone XS. It’s not a hard out but it’s certainly a reason to be skeptical. I was surprised at the size of the device given how much of the advertising has been focused on a minimal physical footprint. I’ll remain open minded though, might just have to wait until people start reviewing it.

What do you guys think? Is this another consequence of it being Mudita’s first device — ie. is a physically smaller device a long term goal for Mudita but not possible at the moment with the current internal architecture? If that’s the case then maybe I wouldn’t mind hoping on board early.


I find it a bit big, but like you said, until it gets on my hands to review it, I can’t make a final determination. Eagerly awaiting, so i can publish my review :slight_smile:


Thank you, @textbook_quest, for those side-by-side photos!

For those of us who don’t use an iPhone XS but do understand inches, here are the specs from Apple for the iPhone XS:

  • Width: 2.79 inches (70.9 mm)
  • Height: 5.65 inches (143.6 mm)
  • Depth: 0.30 inch (7.7 mm)

Ah should have included those in my chart! I admittedly made it for myself not planning on sharing it.

Thank you for providing the dimensions!


I’ll be honest, the form factor is not good, and is reminiscent of technology from 25 years ago:
90s phone-3
I’m sure it probably has something to do with the antenna, but onlookers are not going to be impressed with the device and it may be hard to convert people once they see it.

My last dumbphone, the LG Expression, was a full inch shorter, quarter inch skinnier, and had me spoiled!


The 3 phones that I have used most in my life are:

Nokia 1110, which is 17 mm thick, so slightly thicker than the Pure (otherwise much smaller and lighter), but with an epic battery life. My goal is to bring the Pure up to par with the T9 predictive text found in this device and I hang in to it just for this purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Note (the original first phone with a screen larger than 5" and an amazingly sharp stylus. This one is wider and heavier than the Pure but matches the height. Back in 2011 people looked at me with big eyes how I could like such a brick. This was before large screens became obligatory. I loved this phone for reading, scribbling notes and the only thing that bothered me was the pricetag and fragility of the screen, so I sold it just before it got obsolete by lack of software updates…

Since then I’m using an iphone 4, which matches the Pure’s weight and width, despite being thinner and less tall. I have come to think of this phone more and more as a great dumbphone, removing the “smart” features over time. If only LTE/VoLTE was supported and the battery life would be better. That said, with 3G and data disabled, standby time is wonderful! This is my daily driver at the moment with a broken 2016 iphone SE without simcard for app stuff. Still getting rid of apps on that one.

I think the size will be strangely familiar to me, while unusually big for a dumbphone. What I noticed though is the advertised battery capacity nearly three times the size as the Nokia with epic battery life, so getting my hopes up on 2 weeks without charging…

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Yeah unfortunately there isn’t really a phone option that I love with these new feature phones.

Light Phone II is nice and has good features like group text, but the UI is clunky, and I hate the overall design — not a fan of touchscreen e-ink.

Punkt is almost perfect in design, but the software (and hardware) is riddled with bugs and reeks of being a prototype even well into their third version. IIRC it has no group text support either.

Mudita has a wonderful mission statement, and one of the better designs I’ve seen. I like what I’ve seen of their UI. I could get over the size—even though it’s bigger than my TV remote—but the lack of basic features make me wary. No group text, not even shared calling! Mudita Pure basically forces me to keep my iPad so that I can do group calls and be a part of group texts for my creative work.

If it had group call/text I’d be telling all my friends to switch. If it had that AND were 10-20% smaller, had some minimal features like weather and GPS, I’d literally be screaming from rooftops to people to buy one.

To me, part of mindfulness with technology comes with treating that technology more as a tool versus something that defines your identity. If the iPhone is a hammer that connects to the internet, the Mudita is a hammer without the head — just a wooden handle.

I truly hope they balance out some of these things on the software side.


GPS is no minimal thing hardware wise.

Also, there is a service that will send you navigation instructions over text for any mappable address in the world, and it will do it for free.


Oh for sure, but we’re just talking about dreams and desires here as a consumer. No doubt is there a technical feat for all of it.

Very interested in trying to text-for-directions services!


Yes, it is big and should be at least 20% smaller. But nevertheless I do support the project.

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I realize that this is a readability question and not an overall-size question. But, the overall size affects the size of the display, which affects readability.

I rediscovered font-size control in Android 7.

Will there be font-size control in the Mudita Pure when it launches?

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For runners who use hydration belts, the Mudita Pure will fit easily into the Amphipod Beltpod SmartView Sumo, which is what I use now for an LG Stylo 3 Plus (a tight fit).

The Sumo accommodates devices up to 6.25" x 3.25" x 0.6" (158.8 mm x 82.6 mm x 15.2 mm, vs. the Pure at 143.9 mm x 59.13 mm x 14.49 mm).


I’m more about resolution than size. I think the Mudita will be fine. The overall design is beautiful (I chose white).
That said, for work, I scrapped my Note 10 and Iphone X for the original iPhone SE - which is taking the latest OS upgrades and is very fast with apps (I don’t do video or games on my work phone). I love the size and flat sides. I love the LightPhone2 for the same reasons. However, the battery and display clarity are just acceptable. While the eink certainly saves energy, there’s only room for a teeny, tiny little battery - no way to fit an 1850 mA into that body.
That means I am still at a day or 1.5 days between charges same as my smartphones in the end.
I’m looking forward to seeing how the Mudita Pure larger battery holds up with the eink display - and I’m crossing my fingers hoping for 2-3 days between charges and razor sharp definition similar to or better than my Amazon Kindle.


I feel that the size will be just fine. Thicker than what we’re accustomed to with the current generation of smartphones, but I really want something with a removable battery, for those occasions when I want to remove it.


To paraphrase what I said in more detail in some other thread, I’d much prefer the Pure to be more like the size of my Samsung GT-E1200—i.e., quite a bit smaller—but size isn’t my most important consideration in buying a phone, so if the Pure delivers on its other promises, the size will be a tradeoff I’m willing to make.

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Asking again:

Will there be FONT-SIZE CONTROL in the Mudita Pure when it launches?

Android lets one pinch or zoom to shrink or magnify the text in a received text-message. What will the Pure offer in this regard?


@kirkmahoneyphd I’ll have to check my settings to be sure, but I recall seeing something about text/font size.


@kirkmahoneyphd GREAT NEWS! Font size can be controlled.


That IS great news, @urszula!

Does “Input language” let the user change the language of the interface (e.g., Polish, English, Spanish, etc.)?


@kirkmahoneyphd That’s exactly what it does :smiley: I don’t have all the languages in because I need to update to the newest version of the MuditaOS.