Flashes during e-ink screen refresh

I have been watching the videos included with the latest Mudita Pure phone development updates and noticed there are plentiful white to black to white background flashes in what appears to be e-ink screen refreshes.

I never owned an e-ink display before and I am left with a number of questions:

  1. Are these flashes as noticeable in real life as in the videos?
  2. Is it true that only the home screen of the black version phone is inverted and that all other screen pages will have a white background?
  3. Would a black background screen page flash to white or remain black during these e-ink screen refreshes?
  4. Can these flashes be avoided by any means?
  5. What about epileptic patients; Will it be safe for them to use such a flashing screen as flashes may trigger a seizure?

Thanks for your question @serge. I think @Wojciech_Cichon would be the best person to answer your question. He’s our product lead on Mudita Pure.

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Would love to know more about the screen tech used. Refresh rate, response times and questions in the OP. Is there going to be a inverted/dark mode?

Dark mode should be available, it was included in one of the promotional videos and also mentioned in a post on this forum here.


@parawizard & @john_dumpling Here’s a side by side picture of Dark Mode Vs. Regular eInk


Cool! Thanks

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