Mudita Pure UI Colorway inversion?

Will the Mudita Pure have two different user interface color schemes depending on which color you get? So, if I get the black, will I get a black dominant UI? Or will this be interchangeable though the settings?



@Manuel_Escobar Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We really appreciate your interest in our product. When it comes to interface colors, E Ink displays inherently have a screen-refreshing feature called ghosting. This is seen as a screen blink. We know that the inversion can be weak because of ghosting. Our GUI is optimized to be as little black as possible. The point is that with the refresh screen, we only refresh the parts which have changed. With a black screen you would have to do a full refresh.
Therefore, we decided that in Charcoal Black Pure model, it will be possible to set a black home screen (i.e. a screen with a color inversion).
Of course, we have plans to be able to set all screens to black on the black version of the phone. However, at the moment it is difficult for us to say when we will implement this solution. Hopefully we were able to answer your question.

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Has there been any progress with Dark UI? As I think that it would look better on the black Pure.

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@john_dumpling Iā€™m on it :smiley: getting info from the team :smiley: