Destinations that R&R (Reset and Rebalance)

Hey there!

I invite you to share the places where you can truly relax and find balance. Below, I’ll share a fresh example.

I recently had a much-needed, week-long break. Even as a yoga teacher (#zen) and working in a mindful technology startup, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overworking and neglecting oneself.
Usually, when choosing a vacation spot, I consider big cities across Europe (or a traditional summer city break in Tel Aviv). Then, I build an Excel spreadsheet with a list of places to visit, calculate the most efficient routes, sum up the costs of visiting museums etc.
I research the local cuisine, vegetarian options, and the best restaurants in the area I plan to explore each day. And then, I have wonderful vacations with countless experiences… but often, I find myself short on breath.

This time, without even checking what I would find near the hotel, I rented a cottage in a resort in the Bieszczady Mountains, hoping that everything would work out somehow!

It was phenomenal. Surrounding me were numerous tourist and non-tourist trails, restaurants with delicious local food, lakes, rivers, and a bit of infrastructure. But above all, the owners of the resort were amazing. Every day at breakfast, they would give advice on what could be done that day.

  • I witnessed breathtaking views. Below is a photo from Tarnica in the Bieszczady National Park.
  • I savored delicious food. I highly recommend FUCZKI - pancakes made from sauerkraut and potatoes - and PROZIAKI - baked goods made with baking soda. And of course, everything in Bieszczady is topped with BEAR’S GARLIC (czosnek niedźwiedzi). Trust me, it’s delicious!
  • Climbing the mountains provided an excellent workout for my calves, thighs, and glutes.
  • I had plenty of time for myself, finding balance, silence, and yoga. Even in the field between the cottages at my resort. I’m attaching a photo!

Share your own stories of destinations that have reset and rebalanced you. Let’s inspire each other to discover new places that rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul!

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I find nature to be my best go-to in terms of recharging my internal batteries. There is a summer house I have out in the woods, which I often refer to as my sanctuary.

The quality of sleep there is nothing short of amazing. I’ve noticed that while in the city, I often wake up a few times at night and just can’t seem to get enough rest.

On the other hand, while at my retreat, I seem to sleep about the same amount of hours, however I have a sense that I’ve slept shorter. I figured this must be because the sleep is much deeper than in the city.

While abroad, I also look for the same kinds of places, as far away from the city as you can be. Here is a picture I took from my apartment balcony, while working from home during my 10 month stay at Madeira Island.