COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: How would you like to hear about software updates?

Recently, we released several software updates in a short span of time. As we expand our product offer & improve on existing products, it might be difficult for some community members to keep up, especially if you’re not constantly logged into the forum.
One of our members @sv3np suggested we do the following:

My question to you guys is, what do you think about his idea? What else can we do to make sure everyone knows that an update has been released? What would be the best way for you guys to get notified?
Let us know in the comments below :slight_smile:


I like this idea. Someone who is interested in being on the latest version likely watches the forum as well. It’s a simple solution.


I’d love an email! Just a basic email to everyone who’s bought a Pure/Mudita product saying there’s an update and a link to the changelog. Could unsubscribe if you didn’t care.
I think the Light Phone team do something like this? (Or maybe for major releases only)


@grilledcheesebb :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: I think the email option is quite reasonable, especially since there are user who are not on the FORUM. We just need to work out the best & most efficient way to do this, so to not spam people :slight_smile:


I think we only get notifications from the forum if we are tagged? Is that correct. Email would be much safer.


I agree. An email would be the best idea.


Is there a way we can sign-up to get updates when updates are released for our devices?


A dedicated email would be the best way.


Actully I follow github commits daily and I can see 1.7 is released for the Pure but mudita center shows no updates past 1.6 ?


@Amr_Osman It was fully released this morning. I posted about it here:


Hi guys, info about newly released updates will also be available in the NEWS SECTION in Mudita Center


@urszula Could you explain what is the logic behind the order of news there? I am wondering why March 7 is in between March 24 and March 21 as seen in your shared screenshot. Then, in 2nd line there is How to effectively deal with workplace burnout which indicates to be from March 21, 2023 in that News screen but actual site states that the blog post was done on August 10, 2022. At last, some items of the Blog are missing. So, these news in Mudita Center are kind of manually curated by someone . Correct?

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@sv3np Thanks for your question. The items in the NEWS section are manually added, with the dates corresponding to the date they were added, rather than the day they were published on the website. We’re still working out how to best make use of this space, so that it’s both informative & engaging.