New Mudita Pure Software update released 1.7.0

Hi guys!
We just released a new Mudita Pure software update: 1.7.0
In this release, we focused on general bugfixes. We resolved 50 bugs in our system.
Here is the changelog for this new version:

Changed / Improved


  • Always display network access technology and signal strength on the status bar.
  • Added meditation parameters to non-volatile memory.
  • Added missing translations for legal documents in French, Spanish and Swedish.


  • Changed tethering icon on status bar.


  • Shortened duration of phone modes pop-up from 3s to 1s.
  • Changed responses in contacts and messages endpoints used to communicate with Center.


  • Added SMS template call rejection window for case when no templates are defined.
  • Added days of the week to the list of SMS, calls and notes.
  • Added date formatting of received/sent SMS.


  • Changed unknown character glyph to the one matching the design.
  • Unified grey color tones used while displaying texts.



  • Fixed alarm clock ringing on low battery screen.
  • Fixed the display of data on the snooze alarm screen.


  • Fixed a problem with importing contacts from the SIM card.
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to add a contact again with the country code omitted.
  • Fixed asterisk button behavior in contacts.
  • Fixed lack of contact search list update when returning to list after contact edition.


  • Fixed a problem with marking messages as read.
  • Fixed notifications of deleted unread SMS threads on the home screen.
  • Fixed the disappearance of the message received time in the SMS thread.
  • Fixed misleading SMS flow.
  • Fixed window redirection when clicking on the SMS icon.
  • Fixed screen ghosting after emoji selection.


  • Fixed an unwanted notification during a call.
  • Fixed call log scrollbar.
  • Fixed the display of an invalid window at the end of a call.
  • Fixed navigation around contact adding.
  • Fixed returning to call screen from message template.
  • Fixed missing tick mark in ringtones list.
  • Fixed invalid screen after missed call.


  • Fixed incorrect fonts in the navigation bar.
  • Fixed crash on power off with USB cable connected.
  • Fixed long turn-off time.
  • Fixed right arrow behavior in the search field.
  • Fixed incorrect display of time format.
  • Removed unnecessary workaround for system reboot.

Home Screen:

  • Fixed broken events counter for 99+ events.

Music Player:

  • Fixed crashing of Music Player due to deletion of currently playing file.


  • Fixed incorrectly functioning button with a minus sign.

I really love how hard the Mudita team works to improve Pure.
I will install the update today and then report after a few days of testing whether anything has changed noticeably :slight_smile:


Just updated from v1.6.0 to v1.7.0.

Had a strange encounter though. The Mudita Pure stated that the update was successful and started the reboot as usual. But then, on startup it hung showing as message at the bottom of the screen “eMMC init error: -1”. Had to remove the battery temporary to get the Mudita Pure up and running again. This was the first time I have experienced such an error.

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As always, the update went off without a hitch. Everything else follows…


Quite like the new icon for when an emoji can’t be shown!


I had a crash on update from 1.6 to 1.7 on first update attempt, but on immediately retrying, a successful update with no issue.

Better compatibility with car bluetooth systems, and T9 text input would top this off as the perfect phone for me.

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@marko Thanks for the feedback & the kind words. I’re glad to hear that you’re satisfied.

@sv3np It’s funny that you bring this up because this is EXACTLY what happened to me on Friday when I updated my Pure.
I just spoke to the team about it & they asked to see your logs & mine as well, so they can compare. Can you send them vis Mudita Center & DM me your serial number.

@grilledcheesebb I’m lobbying for a CHEESE EMOJI :slight_smile: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :joy:


Yes please! :joy: :cheese::cheese::cheese:


@urszula I sent you the SN as DM. Did you note it? I also provided logs. Did the team made up their mind if to proceed with this matter?


@sv3np Yes. I passed everything on to our team. I also sent them my logs so that they can compare the two & see what they can come up with.
Off the top of their head, they thought it might have been a brief error, but nothing serious. However, we’ll see.

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