Bluetooth tethering

Hi guys, I’m very excited for this phone, it looks exactly like what I need. The problem is that as a university student, I do most of my work on a tablet, and once in a while I find necessary to look up information on the internet. Since this is a priority for me, I’d like to know if this phone has a blutetooth tethering function. I know it can act as a hotspot via USB cable, but this would only work with a laptop, not a tablet.
If it wasn’t for this I would have already backed your project, you are making a great contibution to people who want to join the attention resistance


I feel it depends on the tablet, it should work; I’m excited to see what reply the technical team has for this.


Thanks for getting in touch @alessio_17! Our desktop app can be installed on Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems, which is necessary to use the tethering functionality., whether it’s tethering via USB or Bluetooth. However, I have spoken to the team and they’ve informed me that they are still working on this so I can’t confirm anything.

If there are any further updates in terms of Bluetooth to tablet tethering, I will let you know.


@anon32618512 whats the update on this? thank you

Ditto — very interested in this.


thank you for your posts.

We are still working on that. This is on our core feature list so even if somehow we don’t have it for the release - we will add it in an update. But as of today we are still aiming to include this feature in the first release.

Let’s leave this thread open and I will update you once I have more news on this topic.

Have a great week!


Do we have any updates on Bluetooth tethering at this point?

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