Bluetooth tethering

Hi guys, I’m very excited for this phone, it looks exactly like what I need. The problem is that as a university student, I do most of my work on a tablet, and once in a while I find necessary to look up information on the internet. Since this is a priority for me, I’d like to know if this phone has a blutetooth tethering function. I know it can act as a hotspot via USB cable, but this would only work with a laptop, not a tablet.
If it wasn’t for this I would have already backed your project, you are making a great contibution to people who want to join the attention resistance


I feel it depends on the tablet, it should work; I’m excited to see what reply the technical team has for this.


Thanks for getting in touch @alessio_17! Our desktop app can be installed on Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems, which is necessary to use the tethering functionality., whether it’s tethering via USB or Bluetooth. However, I have spoken to the team and they’ve informed me that they are still working on this so I can’t confirm anything.

If there are any further updates in terms of Bluetooth to tablet tethering, I will let you know.