Mudita pure and alexa

can i connect an alexa device to a mudita pure via bluetooth?

i am particularly interested in using the alexa auto with the mudita’s data connection in order to get navigation directions while driving

AFAIK the alexa auto has its own alexa app on the device, and just needs some kind of internet to connect back to the servers

This IS documented:

  • Computer–>USB cable–>Pure–>your cellular provider’s data plan–>Internet

I have not seen this documented:

  • Alexa Auto–>Bluetooth–>Pure–>your cellular provider’s data plan–>Internet
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@Sid_C I will check the status on this & let you know.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but do you want to share the Internet connection via Bluetooth to the Alexa? If so, you already asked about Bluetooth tethering here.
We already support HSP/HFP/A2DP profiles via Bluetooth, so if you wanted to use Alexa as a speaker (if it’s possible) - there it shouldn’t be a problem.
If you had any more questions - feel free to ask :wink:

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Given that Mudita Pure does not include a GPS feature, are you referring to GPS-containing cars into which “Alexa Auto” is integrated and NOT to Amazon Echo Auto (which has no GPS feature)?

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