Apple 3.5mm earphones/microphone not working with Pure

I have discovered that the Apple earphone/microphone combination that connects using a 3.5mm audio jack (Apple product number MNHF2FE/A) , does not work with the Mudita Pure. I have tried three different sets, one of which was brand new, and none of these worked. I am running OS version 1.3.0 on my Pure.

I purchased a generic alternative to this Apple earphone/microphone set and this worked without an issue. If you are wondering, this is what I purchased:

Is anyone else having this issue with the Apple 3.5mm earphone/microphone combination not working on their Pure? I don’t understand why the Apple product does not work but the cheap generic product works without any problems.

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@user1 Thanks for bringing this up. As with all Apple products, they are really not meant to work correctly outside of the Apple ecosystem. Apple uses proprietary technology, which does not always play well with others. There are time that it might work half-way, but not all the functions will work.

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@urszula, I believe that this news says everything.

I think that Apple will lose a customer soon.

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@roberto This sentence in the article got me:
It all comes down to a lack of interoperability between iMessage and RCS, both messaging systems that could allow higher-quality images and videos — if they worked together.

The bottom line is: Apple just does not want to play well with others.


I agree with you, and I add that it was an unfortunate (maybe arrogant or a failed way of trying to bring the Steve Jobs nostalgia) statement which, as an apple user, I don’t identify myself.

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I have the same issue with the Apple 3.5mm headphones. However, I never have an issue with audio in or out when I use it on my Android phone. I can skip a track and go back, but I can’t adjust the volume.

The corded Apple headphones are my favorite because of the shape. The Mudita Earphones I purchased have been a let down. The ear piece doesn’t stay in well and then with the bulky cord, it adds even more weight and pulls them out of my ears.

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@mmallen37 We’re sorry you didn’t like the Mudita Headphones.
When it comes to the Apple headphones, that’s the point I was trying to make: sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. There’s really no consistency outside of the Apple ecosystem.

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