Where can I find the versions release notes?

Hi there !
I have received my Mudita Pure few weeks ago, but it took time for me to be able to put aside my old Fairphone 2 (especially the Signal app was needed for my work at that time).

Now I’m in, and while updating the device to Mudita OS 1.2.1 , I wondered, where can I find the list of changes, bug fixes, and other new functionalities for all version ?

I’m loking for this kind of nice page I have with Fairphone :

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Great idea!
It is high time to do that. I’ve spoken today with the team, and within a few weeks, it will appear on the support subpage (and later on, as we do the proper design we will include it on the product page).


Some of the changes are mentioned on our GitHub page:

We’ll try to have more updated changelog in the changelog file in the repository too :slight_smile:


Got fedex notification that my phone has shipped. Does it come with instructions on how to do updates? Is it just plugging into my laptop and connecting to mudita? I am not computer savvy.

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@Joyce How exciting! Your Mudita Pure is on it’s way.
To update Mudita Pure, you will need to download Mudita Center- That’s the desktop app that works with BOTH Mudita Pure & Mudita Harmony. It’s super easy to do.
Here’s a video about Mudita Center:

Once you plug in your phone, you will get a message whether or not your Mudita Pure has the most current operating system.
You will see a screen like this when you open Mudita Center:

Then, when you plug in your Pure- the screen will look like this:

Please notice, the section under MuditaOs states: MuditaOS 1.2.1, with a message “You’re up to date.”
You can click “Check for updates” however, when a new release becomes available, this section will inform you “New update available”
Then you just leave your phone plugged in, download the update & you’ll be all set. It’s super simple.

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