What will the 'finish' be like on the plastic/paint? (Mudita Pure)

I know in the most recent update the photos weren’t finished product, but the main photo caught my eye — well really, all of the photos of the Pure did — as it looked like the finish was more of a semi-glossy plastic versus the matte and textured finish the Pure seems to have in marketing material.

Personally, I think the matte finish would be very unique and stone-like. Can someone confirm or deny that the finish will be matte (unlike what is pictured above)?


@textbook_quest I’m verifying this with our design department. I’m pretty sure the final finish will be matte black, but I want to get the confirmation from our design dept.

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I agree that the phones don’t look good in this particular picture.


@urszula , were you able to confirm this? The shiny plastic does indeed look unattractive and is different from previous models.


@Piotr_Fester I will follow-up with design again- The phones in the picture were test phones & the final product will be a bit different.

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I like the light color version, I hope they will be available.

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@Piotr_Fester Since we are still developing the molding form- the outside casing will change. We are aiming for the case to be as matte as possible, while still maintaining durability, scratch resistance & resilience.