What kind of adventures do you enjoy?

I love spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. Camping is something I haven’t done for a while so I’m excited to go again at some point! Sailing is nice too but I think I prefer land based adventures!


There is a field not so far from home. I like to go right in the middle of the field early in the morning, before dawn, and look around me. That’s an extremely satisfying feeling to not hear vehicles, human activity. Just nature, birds and the wind that’s constantly flowing through this vast area. It helps me focus on what’s in my mind, and I eventually end up with 1 thought every 5 second, which is like void for me ahah ! :sweat_smile:

I miss it a lot.


Riding my bicycle anywhere I can.
I’m hugely passionate about bicycles. I built my own frankenbike from spare and new parts a few years ago. I love riding fixed gear, but since I moved to a more hilly place last year, I’m riding a 3-speed city bike.

There’s little that compares to the freedom one feels from riding a bike.


I love cycling too! Although, admittedly I haven’t managed to ride a bike in months, mainly due to the lockdown. My grandma gave me her old bike (I have no idea what kind it is) but your frankenbike sounds amazing. My partner is a fan of Brompton but I favour Giant. I don’t know much about bikes!

Oh, now I’m inspired, maybe I’ll try to go cycling this weekend!


Wow, I’ve found my people.


Standing in the middle of a field sounds amazing too! Yesterday, I managed to walk to the beach (I’m very fortunate that I live by the coast). I thought of your post and I stood there, listening to the wind, I tried to stay as present as possible, it was so nice.


Yay, @moon9river!


Welcome welcome !


I think road bikes are the best ride for adventures.

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