What Is Mental Health Awareness Week and Why Does It Matter?

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event initiated by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK and is observed every May in the UK and throughout Europe.
This year it takes place from May 9th-15th
Our mental health plays a role when connecting with others, making decisions, handling stress, and virtually every aspect of our daily life.
This year’s theme is LONELINESS.
The stress, isolation, and uncertainty of the last two years have definitely taken a toll on our mental health and overall well-being.
At Mudita, we believe mental health deserves our attention just as much as our physical health does.
Can you guys share some tips with our community on how you take care of your mental health in order to inspire those facing similar challenges.

We’re looking forward to reading your answers.


I talk on the phone (not texting them) with my close ones! I regularly call my mother who is a great source of good energy. I also do sport and practice yoga from time to time. For me crucial part is to be aware when I become sad, anxious or stressed, only then I can react (or prevent). So when I feel sth is wrong, I simply give myself a few minutes to figure out and analyse what’s the reason. Then I tackle the reason :slight_smile:


A sure-fire path to loneliness is “social” media. I avoid it. Most of the time, if someone is worth interacting-with, they’re worth a 1-1 interaction via SMS, phone-call or real life.

I only use social-media when someone has unwittingly attempted to contact me about a “real-world” event (e.g. a celebration) via its messenger-service, rather than by call, SMS or in-person.

I feel far less loneliness for this approach. I have less “interactions”, but the few interactions I do have are actually memorable and worthwhile, and I am not bombarded by unnecessary nonsense, or depressed by inevitable comparison to other peoples’ artificial, curated “perfect” versions of their lives.

Nothing beats being there with a real friend - or even just calling them.

I’d also like to pose a thought for the day. I still remember the very instant, walking round a beautiful woodland years ago, teeming with life and noise but with no other human nearby, that this occurred to me:

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is solitude.
One of the most horrendous feelings in the world is loneliness.
The only difference between the two seems to be choice - and potentially the knowledge of the former’s finiteness / uncertainty of the latter’s duration.

The reason I say this, is if you live with other people, it is important to savour that time when you get a moment of peace, knowing that they will be back soon, because when your loved ones return, you value them even more, and you find yourself even less “able” to feel loneliness! And if you (or someone you know) lives alone, they might not have that luxury, and therefore might feel loneliness. So if you know of someone like that, perhaps make it a habit to give them a regular phone call or visit. With a little luck, their loneliness turns into the downtime they use to get all their chores done, between the regular calls/visits from their best friend.