We need your help designing our new phone!

The Blackberry Passport was one of the greatest keyboard phones ever. I much prefer that form factor to the sliding or flip keyboard designs. The Pure v2 “Passport Edition” would be amazing with an e-ink screen!


@kirkmahoneyphd This is my 10 year old Beauty :slight_smile:


Had that phone absolutely loved it but my all time fav will be the blackberry classic as well as the q10

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Great device I always loved the size of this phone.

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It’s my favorite! I’m so glad that it still works in Poland :slight_smile:

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Looks like the Black Mudita is back in stock according to the website. Have you guys sold more black or Pebble coloured phones since you launched?

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@cardio79 That’s an interesting question. When we first launched on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, it was definitely more GREY than Charcoal Black orders. Then as the phone came out, and people started to receive their orders & started to share their experiences online, some expressed that they wished they got the black one. That’s when we saw and uptick in the sales of the Black Pure.
At this point, I’d have to say it’s 50/50. We just received some limited backstock from the factory, so it’s not a lot of units.

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I’m wondering when we will see the first drafts of the new Mudita. :slight_smile:


One of my favorite features of the Mudita Pure is that it is child-friendly-out-of-the-box.

I hope that this continues with the next cellphone from Mudita!

Having watched this thought-provoking interview with the head of Canopy

…I now know about these child-friendly-out-of-the-box cellphones (to which I would add the Sunbeam Wireless F1 Dandelion):


Will the new phones have a calendar app?

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Here is some “competitive intelligence” for you, @urszula!

It looks as if Punkt. will release a “Mudita Compact”-like cellphone in 2023:

This year, 2023, Punkt. plans to launch a smartphone that unfortunately won’t come with the buttons that so many people’s thumbs are craving (shout louder!), but with a full touchscreen to bypass the technical challenge of the MC01 screen size.

^ From this post at the Punkt. website


@kirkmahoneyphd Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Kinda looks like a Blackberry Passport, the square design, with the keyboard.

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No matter which form factor Mudita chooses for its next cellphone, I vote for something based on Android, without the Google apps (overhead and privacy invasion), and with the ability to add apps through F-Droid or as a “side-load” of an APK through a USB connection.

This would free owners of Mudita’s next phone to get apps that Mudita does not develop but that support some of Mudita’s objectives, including security AND privacy.

For an example of this, watch this new review of Session:


I like the idea of allowing us to choose what we want to install without being held hostage by the big techs.


If Mudita’s next phone is based on Android, they will have lost me as a customer.

One of the reasons that I like the Mudita Pure is that it is not a “smart” phone, i.e. it does not have apps.


To be honest; I think Android is neither good or evil. It´s a neutral layer with Linux at its core that functions as a interface between the user and the hardware. It´s the Google services that are the problem; or should I say the way it´s used to exploit pitfalls in human psyche and behaviour.
Remove access to these and you have a great foundation to build upon.


For me the perfect phone would be if I combined a Punkt and the Pure.

I use my computer a lot and the desktops software is a big benefit for me when using the Pure.

Built quality and form factor better on the Punkt. Signal never really worked for me there, and that’s why I never really used it (I also don’t use the Pure).

The Pure is not made in China. Big plus for me. And the software is made in house, super big plus!!!

The Punkt uses android…

You can get normal reception with the Punkt :wink: I don’t really care about the SAR thing (if it actually makes the call quality worse…).

Tethering without a cable on the Punkt is great.

The screen on the Punkt looks better and is more snappy.

I hope you don’t choose China for your next Pure :frowning:

Check out Taiwan or Vietnam if you go that route. But personally I could pay 50% more for it to be made in the EU. But all the other stuff I mentioned would have to be “fixed”.


Yup that sar thing sunk this phone in North america, big mistake I am sure they will learn from


I’m more concerned about network signal readability than SAR- considering the fact that I hardly talk on the phone, so that phone is very rarely next to my head.


So I’ve been using the whole Mudita Product catalog (Except the shirts) for a week now and I was fully aware what I am getting into before I ordered the products. Here are my thoughts that might be helpful for the next Generation of Phones from Mudita:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way - the Antenna, Speakers, Music Playback in Background, Functioning Calendar, Speech to Text, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Voice Memos. I think many people mentioned these Points and how to implement them (in this Forum and YouTube videos), so I won’t say much about these things. If you would like to know more about one of these things, let me know and I will dive deeper into it.

Now to Stuff that I personally think, would be big Improvements for general Usability:

  • Bluetooth Tethering! Many people I know, including me, have cars from the “transitional Internet period”. That means they have many functions that use the Internet but can only connect to the Internet either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Tethering. One of the most important features of these cars is real time traffic information and route adjustments based on the information. While Wi-Fi Hotspot is listed in the Obvious Category for me, Bluetooth Tethering is a very important Feature as well!
    We connect our Phones with Bluetooth to our cars and so it would be only natural, if the car could use the same connection for Internet Access as well. This would drastically decrease the need of a Navigation App and would still fit in the Category of Minimalist Phones. Please, I highly recommend that you would add this feature!

  • Screen Refresh Functionality: While I love E-Ink Displays, I think the one of the Mudita Pure is rather a bit disappointing. At home I have an E-Reader with the E-Ink Carta 1200 Display and the Difference is Night and day! The Mudita Pure leaves “smearing” behind and has a lot of ghosting going on. It would be nice if we could long press a Button (* for Example) to refresh the display and clear it from the ghosting that is very strongly apparent.

  • Contact Sorting Options: I would love to organise my contacts not by last name but rather by first name. I’ve used this for over 15 years now and should be very simple to add with a Software Update.

  • Battery Percentage Display: This one doesn’t even need to be right next to the battery icon. It could be in the Settings as well, so we can see the exact percentage of the battery.

  • Mobile-ID Functionality: I don’t know if this is just a thing in Switzerland or also worldwide. In Switzerland we use a System called Mobile-ID to verify various Logins for E-Banking and other stuff. It’s a very simple two factor Authentication Method. In General a two factor Authenticator would be nice.

  • Shortcuts for Contacts: Let me dial my most important Contacts by longpressing the assigned button. Also a dedicated Button for checking Voicemails (Like the Symbol on the 1 Button suggests).

I know that many of my listed Points could be added with Software Updates as well. But since we’re talking about the Future of these Phones, I thought it would fit right in here as well.

As for the Form Factor, I think the Mudita Pure is gorgeous and very beautiful to hold as well. I love writing with it even with only triple click. I think if you add more features, add it to this Design as well! I would rather have this small screen with full feature parity than a touchscreen based device (since I have trouble with touchscreen based devices because of my Addiction from Smartphones).

Overall I think the Mudita Pure was a great start and definitely a first adopters device! But since it released so many things got fixed and addressed that all Reviews make it difficult to do justice for this device! If a Person wrote a Review half a year ago it could be, that many things got already fixed!