Walking Meditation

I have a very active dog & it’s not a surprise that we walk for miles at a time. I use that time to do a lot of mindful reflection (seeing symbolism in the things around me, reflecting on the meanings). Sometimes I use that time to come up with new blog ideas :slight_smile: Walking meditation is my time. It is my space to focus on my breath, listen to my body, and calm my mind. So much of our day is filled with distractions and multitasking, I cherish this time where life slows down, even for a little bit. Taking the time to slow down, breathe, and listen to the world around me helps me put my life in perspective and keep me focused on what really matters. What’s your experience with walking meditation?


I was never a fan of conventional meditation because I guess my mind races too much and I just can’t calm it down. This a good alternative practice. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!


@forrest Thanks for the feedback. I prefer walking meditation myself.


I was a nerd with new phones and wireless technology. Now, I have an MP3 player with a pedometer and distance counter connected in a wired emf blocker earphones. It is my daily “colleague” on my walks. I found exciting guitar sounds on YouTube that create a good walking environment. My feature Nokia stays at home. If the weather is good, I also take my compact camera to take pictures of nature.

I genuinely recommend you take your time on your walks and admire more the little healthy details surrounding you. :slight_smile:


Walking meditation, combined with Nature Therapy is basically my daily ritual! I feel off if I don’t do it.