URGENT PROBLEM - Phone doesnt receive SMSs

I hope we can all agree the Pure has two core communication functionalities its designed for:

  1. Phone calls
  2. SMS Messages

My Pure’s ability to receive SMS’s has degraded to the point that its basically useless. Actually its worse than useless because it only receives SMS’s intermittently. I took my SIM card out of my Pure earlier and put it in my old android phone and instantly received 17 (SEVENTEEN) SMS messages that the Pure did not receive. 10 were from my wife, and several other really important message that really needed to be responded to. I’m lucky i haven’t lost my job from not responding to critical matters in a timely fashion.
This inconsistent behaviours of SMS handling on the Pure constitutes a significant fault. @Mudita, What is the time frame for getting these issues resolved ? This is a completely faulty product in its current state. I don’t even understand how it gained approval in some countries given the amount of bugs and problems the device has.

  • I’ve tried turning the phone off and back on multiple times
  • I’ve tried taking out the battery and putting it back in.
  • I’ve tried deleting the message threads of people that i know i can’t / don’t reliably get SMS’s from.
  • I’ve tried using Mudita Centre to display the messages (it doesn’t).
  • I’ve tried toggling to “offline/Connected” modes multiple times.
  • I’ve tried removing the SIM and reinserting it.

I’ve just lodged a support ticket via Mudita Centre but i’m not holding my breath. I’ve logged 5 tickets as you can see in the screenshot below but they all simply state “Being Processed”.



This is probably due to the phone resetting the apn from time to time. Messages will get stuck because they are not being received on a good format. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope the Mudita team resolves it since this is a very big issue.


@rumpole Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am going to reach out to our team to see about the pending cases & also about any possible solution to your SMS problem. I do know that our team is currently ironing out some major bugfixes that will improve the stability & reliability of Mudita Pure. The update is scheduled to be released this month.

@rumpole Sorry that it took a bit for me to get back to you about this issue. I made a post about this on another thread, but I will reply to you here as well. If you are experiencing network issues with the phone, to the point that it’s unusable & you do not wish to wait until we resolve the issue, you can always return the phone & we will refund the purchase price.

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Hi Urszula,
I just replied in another thread too. I’m not chasing a refund, i just want it fixed so its both uable for myself and others. I can see a lot of potential in the Pure, its just not there yet from a reliability perspective. I’m hoping the bulk of the main issues are resolved quickly.

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@rumpole Got it. I replied there as well.

I’m having the same issue - not receiving texts. If I disconnect then reconnect they will sometimes come through. I also didn’t receive a phone call today as in the phone didn’t ring. Has this issue been resolved?

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@littlejack Where are you located & who is your service provider? This has a lot to do with the connectivity you will have in terms of phone calls & text messages.

@littlejack in the meantime, can you please send your logs to Mudita via Mudita Center, so that our team can rule out everything else.

Hi. I’m in Tasmania, Australia. Carrier is Amaysim.

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OK. I’ve just done that.

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I have recently noticed this issue of not receiving SMSs. In my case, I received the delayed messages up to a week late. Luckily nothing that caused disruption as the senders followed up on making plans. They did not seem to notice that I never replied, perhaps assuming the texts just got lost in the busyness of life. As far as I know, all the SMS I have sent were received.

I do hope this missed SMSs will be fixed at some point.

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@catan Our team is currently working on this.