Unplugging And Going Outdoors

When was the last time you truly unplugged? I mean completely. When was the last time you turned off all your devices – your laptop, your tablet, your TV, even your phone – and just spent time outside?


Every Saturday, until sunset – a techno-sabbath, if you will – although I leave my cellphone on but don’t use it

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Just did a video about this!! Last week I went 3 1/2 days offline completely :smiley:. Vacations are necessary! https://youtu.be/dOH3R5IcKcQ


@Jose_Briones I saw that video :slight_smile: It kinda inspired me :slight_smile:

I found here the PDF link below while searching for discussions about how to use a Garmin watch without sharing lots of data with Garmin:


Garmin explains its privacy policy for Garmin Connect (smartphone app) at https://www.garmin.com/en-US/privacy/connect/
https://www.garmin.com/en-US/account/datamanagement/ lets you request all the data that Garmin has on you. I did this and got a 56MB .zip file from Garmin.

Garmin was retaining creepy data such as when Garmin thought that I slept (based on when I removed the watch from my wrist at night before donning it again in the morning).

I then requested deletion of all data and got this confirmation:

Your data deletion request has been submitted and your account is now locked. Deletions typically take about 48 hours to complete but, depending on the number of requests being processed and the amount of data associated with your profile, could take up to 30 days. Garmin will send a notification to your primary email address when it is complete.

Sure enough, my Garmin Connect account is unreachable by Web browser, and my Garmin Connect app on my smartphone now prompts me to create an account. There is NO option to have Garmin delete the creepy data while keeping the account open for occasional updates to the watch.

UPDATE: I eventually got a “Your Account Was Successfully Deleted” email message from Garmin. With this action,

  • I have stopped transferring my Garmin Forerunner 645 watch’s data to Garmin Connect, which I uninstalled from my Android-7 phone and for which I no longer have an account.
  • I still plan to wear my Garmin watch during workouts.
  • I still can use the Garmin watch itself to see MANY details about a workout (Hold “UP” --> Settings > History > Activities > [Date] > Details > details across three screens on the watch face) – no Garmin Connect smartphone app required!
  • I re-read Mudita’s “Mindful Breathing” article.
  • Because of that article, I ordered on October 1 a Mudita Moment, which I plan to wear except during workouts.

Now I am waiting on two Mudita products!

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Depending on my homework load I don’t take anything into the desert with me. Last trip I did I brought my computer and did homework in lower buckhorn wash, San Rafael Swell, streaming WiFi off my car to my laptop (it’s an incredible feature for an adventurous college student) while climbing. Two trips beforehand I spent a week in the same place with absolutely no technology aside from my car. Just climbing and preparing for my return to university after nearly a year off.

My satphone and Punkt. MP02 were in the car, both turned off just in case I had an emergency and needed to be rescued.
(note that image was taken a few weeks ago, not when I went out there without technology)

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