Unable to update using Mudita Center

Hi. I am trying to update my device. Does the Mudita Center allow a VPN to be used during the OS updating process? Typically my phone crashes, I begin the update process and I then wait wait and nothing happens. I’ve factory reset my phone multiple times and do have the mudita center connected to the internet during the updating process, sadly nothing happens.

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@theauditor Thanks for reaching out & bringing this up. Although I don’t know much about VPNs, one of our users @kirkmahoneyphd mentioned that he needed to turn off his VPN in order to make updates to either Mudita Center & Mudita Harmony. For some reason, the VPN blocks the download of the program.

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@theauditor / @urszula : I found that my VPN:

  • allowed the DOWNLOAD of the OS update for my original Mudita Harmony but somehow
  • interfered with INSTALLATION of that downloaded OS update to the Harmony.

This suggests to me that the downloaded installer needs during its execution some sort of Internet access that my VPN blocks. Go figure!

Unfortunately, turning off the VPN to update my replacement Harmony is not letting me update my replacement Harmony’s OS. :frowning:

Fortunately, Robert G in Mudita Customer Service told me four days ago that he escalated this to the developers. :slight_smile:

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