True DualSIM support in Mudita Pure


First of all I am very glad that I found this project and I hope you will deliver a great product, especially when you decided to open source the OS.

I read that Mudita Pure will have option to insert two SIM cards and that just what I need, but then I searched the forum and it turned out that despite there being two SIM cards in the phone you can use just one at a time. That seems just weird to me, or maybe I am not understanding this right. It would be nice if someone from the Mudita team can clarify if this phone is DualSIM or not. Or maybe the DualSIM functionality is not implemented yet and is somewhere on the roadmap.

I (and many others) need a Dual SIM phone for work (and don’t get me started on the idea of carrying two phones, I want less technology with me all the time not more). The fact that the OS is open source gives me hope that if this feature is not present now it can be added in the future, but that depends on the hardware too.


@kajunek I will check on this for you & get back with the info ASAP.

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@urszula Any updates on this topic?

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@kajunek My apologies for the delay in getting back to this specific question. One of our other members asked the same question in another post & I compiled a list of answered there: [quote=“urszula, post:4, topic:2153”]
Simultaneous DualSIM support. [7] No. Only one SIM can be active at a time
Here is a link to this post: Mudita Pure: A List of Unanswered Questions
Hopefully this helps.

Can you elaborate some more on this topic? Is this a hardware problem, or is it just software?
It just seems very weird to include two physical slots with proper electronic connections but let the user use just one at a time.
I hope it is just a software oversight and the open source community can fix it sooner or later :slight_smile:

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@kajunek I will ask our tech team to elaborate on this topic & get back to you.

Good Question! I’m curious to know the answer as well


@kajunek & @aprilhall I reached out to one of our electronics engineers & he informed me that this is a hardware matter. The cellular module we use in Pure supports single SIM use. It’s not something that we would be able to change this late in the game. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


@urszula Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:
That’s so unfortunate. I guess I’ll have to wait for the Pure 2 or maybe a smaller refresh with a different cellular module will come before that :wink:

Nevertheless I appreciate very much all the work you have put into this product and especially the decision to make the software open source.

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@kajunek Just out of curiosity & for the sake of feedback & research :slight_smile: can you please let me know in what way does the the ability to use both SIM cards at a time is more beneficial to you in particular. I’m only asking because I have a dual SIM smarthphone & when I travel, I use only the local SIM card. I actually turn the other one off because once when I didn’t, I got an eye-opening surprise when the bill came :slight_smile:

A big benefit would be that you can have 2 different phone numbers active at the same time. A personal one and one for work. But yeah it is not so simple that two SIM slots will do. The cellular module also needs to support two SIM cards active at the same time.