The Necessity of Time Unplugged

Mudita started a cooperation with the authors of Minimalism Life , a collaborative project between The Minimalists , Minimalissimo , and 5 STYLE , with one simple purpose: to help you live more with less. Publishing weekly journal articles, weekly essays, and weekly email letters, they want to share with you different areas and perspectives of minimalism that can inspire you to lead a more fulfilling, healthier, and most importantly, meaningful life.
Check out the first article published by the authors of Minimalism Life on our blog!


This is an absolutely wonderful article, making space to disconnect is really crucial to finding that balance between our online and offline lives. I love the Minimalism Life site too!

Cool article! Straight to the point :wink:

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The first time you realize this, it’s shocking. By the third time, you realize how little social media or blogs matter.

This time spent away is always refreshing. I feel no guilt about not checking into social media on a daily basis or scanning favorite blogs for updates.

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