The Kickstarter Preview Page

This topic is in reference to the temporary Kickstarter preview page we sent to those of you who subscribed to our newsletter. Thank you so much for all of your positive feedback on our Kickstarter preview page and via email! We’re carefully going through all of the messages and trying to address them as best we can.

Your involvement means a lot to us. It’s important to underline that our software will allow for future updates, so even if something won’t be supported in the first version, it might be added later. Our operating system (MuditaOS) will continue to be developed in order to incorporate other features which remain in line with our core values and philosophy.

We will be revealing all of the information about Mudita Pure during our Kickstarter campaign, which starts on the 24th of September 2019.

Here is a brief summary of the information we can reveal in reference to your messages:

Many of you have asked us about the use of a group messaging service. We are currently looking into this, so if you (or someone you know) is interested in developing this further, let us know!

We understand why the use of Bluetooth is important to you, so we will be able to tell you if it will be added, during the Kickstarter campaign launch.

Yes, we’re happy to confirm that we will have this feature. You can connect Mudita Pure to a laptop by tethering so that you can use it as an external GSM modem.

We have decided not to equip Mudita Pure with email, if you need to check your email, it’s more convenient to use a laptop connected to the phone via tethering.

We confirm that there won’t be a camera. If you look on the positive side, this means that there is no temptation to take out your phone to take a picture, you can live completely in the present moment.

Our phone will be unlocked and certified. We’re working on the exact list of the carriers it will be compatible with.

For answers to any other questions, please wait for the Kickstarter launch.


Thanks for the update.


No problem! We will have more information in the next newsletter update.


Thank you for the update!


Will the phone be usable for parents to give to their kids and be able to track their location?


All the updates and your willingness to adapt to people’s suggestions is great to see. The only thing that I’m sure people will be interested in is the price? Any ideas?


I can understand people’s need to use group messaging but on the other hand I’m afraid that such services (not to mention any of them by name) are designed to be as distractive as possible. So imho it wouldn’t be in line with Mudita’s values (however I’m not an expert in the field of those values, so I may be completely wrong :slight_smile: ).


Please no messaging apps! They are way too distracting. I really like the concept as is…as focused as possible. The value of this phone is in its simplicity. There are feature phones out there with a surprising number of features. This phone should be as intentionally simple as possible. We all have our “one thing” we’d love to have but if you add them all it will quickly grow bloated. The whole point of minimalism is essentials, and none of those extra things serve the purpose of helping us live in the moment. So please say no to as much as possible! :slight_smile:


Thankyou for the update tiffany


Will there be a map function? When I go out of town I love using my phones GPS to get around, especially when in a different country and I don’t speak the language or understand their writing. My phones map has helped me find my way home from the middle of nowhere and I was just wondering if this was going to be a function.


I was wondering the exact same thing…


Couldn’t find anything about Qi/wireless charging, is that something we can expect?


Any kind of maps, GPS, or ridesharing?


If it has group messaging I’m out. Might as well use my iphone.


Will there be a “Find my phone” option or other tracking? We are looking for a child-friendly phone. All friends have the same problem: you can buy either a smartphone or some old model that the children do not want to use. Our son is 12 years old and when I showed him the Mutida Pure project he replied “Wow! Cool! This one I could have.” :slight_smile:

Another thing: unfortunately I agree with others that WhatsApp is “buy or not to buy”. I know that this application in Poland is not very popular, but in other European countries it has already displaced SMS. The problem is that we are in WA groups in many organizations: the school, class, sports club of our children and many others, and we cannot ask them to send us an additional SMS, because no one will do it and we will be totally outside of communication (the main function of the phone).

But we are very happy with Mutida’s projects and we support you very much!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update. It’s all I was hoping to read.
Looking forward to the Kickstarter launch!


No GPS for the Mudita Pure !


To me, having my personal and work calendar will be a huge convenience, since there’s really no other good alternative for the people in my life and work. Is that something being considered?


Just my opinion but I’m thinking that if people are looking for WhatsApp, then stick to a smartphone, it’s disruptive and distracting which goes against the ethos of the mudita pure (from what we’ve been told), as a few of the other suggestions seem to indicate.
You guys are doing your best to create a product that will allow us to remain connected, yet at the same time disconnected from the anti-social nature of technology, I’d hate to see you undermine this by attempting to ‘crowd please’.


Thank you @Sam_Guzman and @Anthony_Hill for your comments.
You guys perfectly grasped our philosophy for Mudita Pure. Although we would like to address all of the incoming suggestions, we need to stick to the values and philosophy of no distraction phone. I know it sounds really hard to resign from so many features that we got used to, but we believe that it will free up the space and time for the things that make us unique and present, making it all worth it! :smile: