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Hi @Shida_Du Yes, I confirm that we decided to add a calendar, we’ll be revealing more details about it together with the launch of Kickstarter ( 24th of September) but I hope it will be able to address your needs :slight_smile:


Excellent overview. Personally, if your going to use a messaging app, instead of WhatsApp it should be something more secure like Telegram or signal.


Thanks @thesoundone. We won’t be including WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram in Mudita Pure.

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The only thing keeping me from being sold on this phone and recommending it to all my friends is the lack of maps. I use my phone consistently for getting around places and for long road trips, and external GPS systems do not work even a fraction as well as my cellphone GPS.


Hi @tiffany . No access to the internet – perfect! But can you please take into account that in many countries outside of EU (especially when making international calls), phone calls and messages via Internet are sometimes more popular than phone calls and sending messages using the GSM network?
When someone makes calls only within one country or between EU countries (where a common price list applies), he or she probably won’t understand our needs because doesn’t have this problem. However, try to call from Poland to for example Switzerland using regular GSM network and check the bill to understand the reason. I leave outside of EU and without the possibility of telephone calls and messages via Internet I would be totally cut off from most of my family and business partners in the EU (no one would call me and believe me - that would not make me happier).
Simply put, the price differences are huge! That’s why in some countries such apps as WhatsApp are more popular contact tool that GSM network. And we don’t treat it as an additional distractor and even more, it doesn’t mean that we are stuck to the smartphone (as some have judged us…).
Such as others we need a phone that will be as simple and clear as possible but at the same time to allow us to remain connected.
Maybe consider this as an option, since for some people this function is completely unnecessary and distracting?

On the other hand, I understand perfectly that this is Your product and may not suit everyone …
But Mudita’s idea is great, so I wanted to try.

Best wishes!


I’m just wondering can it text, not using the number pad but is it a touchscreen where you can pull up a keyboard?

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Mudita Pure won’t have a touchscreen, only the phone’s numeric keypad.

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