The Healing Power of Nature

We all have different experiences with nature :four_leaf_clover: :leafy_green: :deciduous_tree:, and different reasons for wanting to connect with it.

A few weeks ago, one of our members @nirvana, brought up the idea of shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing” as technique for dealing with the ever-present stress and anxiety which seem to fill up lives. This inspired me to write about nature’s incredible power to heal on our blog.
What are your thoughts on Nature :evergreen_tree: Therapy? What are some of the benefits of bringing more nature :tanabata_tree: into your life? How about the times when it’s not possible to venture deep into the woods for a substantial period of time? Would you consider a creative alternative, such as Mudita Pause, to create a moment of reflection, which comes from exposure to nature? Studies have shown that even if we are not directly present in nature, having a view of trees from a window or viewing natural scenes can also be beneficial. Tell us about your experiences.


A growing body of research shows that spending time outdoors can improve your health and may reduce mortality. Even short nature breaks can be beneficial. According to a recent small study, people who spent just 20 minutes in a place where they felt connected to nature experienced a drop in stress hormones.

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@sahilb You’re 100% correct. We cite some other studies in our most recent blog post.

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