The Anti-Smartphone Revolution

I ran across this video on YouTube. It’s very interesting.
They even featured Mudita Pure for a brief moment

Do you think we’re heading towards the Anti-Smartphone revolution? Or are we still on the periphery?


Fantastic video. I loved the part saying we got on for years without smartphones. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t thing the smartphone is the issue. We are responsible for our relationship with it not the phone companies. I love eating Mcdonalds. But if I get fat it is not Mcdonalds fault . Selina Gomez makes an excellent point. Has someone that has struggled with depression and anxiety I can tell you the moment I gave up my smart phone I felt lighter, happier and less anxious.


I heard a 19-year-old last week say that he had misplaced his “wallet” – which turned out to be his iPhone with a credit-card/driver-license carrier attached to its back.


I believe that we’re still on the periphery of the Anti-Smartphone revolution.

  1. I wonder about the extent to which feature-phone sales are driven by total cost of ownership (device price + pre- or post-paid monthly charge) vs. driven by anti-smartphone sentiment.
  2. Many feature-phones are “baby” smartphones, given that they include games and social-media apps.
  3. I can count on one hand the feature-phone makers – Mudita + Light + Punkt + Sunbeam Wireless – that are truly anti-smartphone but that have only a small fraction of the feature-phone market.

@kirkmahoneyphd YIKES! I think guess I’m old, but I don’t see the appeal of all of that tech with me, all the time.

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  1. Many people don’t factor in the overall cost of ownership. They care about sticker price out the door. That’s why Punkt, Mudita, and Light have difficulty selling their device.
  2. Yes. Some are if based on Android. Others may not be.
  3. Correct