Tackling the impact of technology on human nature and society

I studied and worked at McGill University in Montreal.
I recently learned that it received a $2-million gift from Montreal philanthropist Stephen Jarislowsky to explore the impact of new technology on society.
More information here
Do you know of any other such initiatives, be they new or old?

“The objective of the Chair is not to vilify technology. Technological advances are not intrinsically good or bad, but the use of technology can certainly exert a positive or negative impact on our lives. Gold maintains that the only way to get what we truly want from technology is to examine it carefully through a philosophical lens – the core challenge for the new Chair.”

I am looking forward to reading what comes out of this!


Thank you so much for sharing. The research in this matter is so important!
It reminds me of the story of Chen Tianqiao and his foundation. He is investing in the very interesting research. The list of the questions that his Foundation aspire to answer: https://www.cheninstitute.org/Founders-Questions Here is also more about him and his views: https://onezero.medium.com/the-chinese-buddhist-billionaire-who-wants-to-fix-your-brain-4a99d14428ba