Streaming music players

I feel like a lot of people for some reason depend on various music streaming services and want their cellphones to have them. If basic old fashioned offline music listening is not enough you can look into “steaming music players”. They are connected to internet and have applications like spotify, amazon music, etc. Please just buy yourself one of those. Streaming music is not an essential feature in a cellphone. You can find some for $100-$150. I don’t use any streaming service and I am sure there are a lot of people who don’t.


What I’m hoping for at the moment is maybe a soft integration with the app. Would be nice to sign in services, download for offline play, and sync to device. Had been looking at getting a modern Walkman though, and will have to look into these too!

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Good point. Here is a review I did on one of these


Actually, this player is exactly the one that inspired me to make this post.

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Thank you @Jose_Briones for sharing.
BTW I just took a look at your reviews on YouTube. For sure I will remember your channel for the later. :smiley:

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I didn’t realize this was you @Jose_Briones . I subscribed to your channel some time ago. Really enjoy your videos.

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Thanks. Appreciate the sub and checking out the content :slight_smile: @artistinct