Shipping to/within Europe

Hi everyone,
I’m sorry if someone already asked this, I search for it but got no results for my question.
I read the phone is produced in Poland. I asume that means costumers within Europe are getting it shipped from Poland? So not from de US.
Can somebody of the Mudita team please confirm this?

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Hi @abos! Welcome to the Mudita community. To answer your question- yes, it’s getting shipped from Poland.

Thank you so much for you’re fast respons urszula.

In that case I’ll be happy to pre-order the Mudita Pure.
Have a nice day.


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Did you manage to find out about VAT arrangements for UK yet?
I am not sure whether your price includes VAT, or if this is not currently applicable to your product. Since January, many imports from EU are to have Tax/Duty added on arrival, depending on price and type of goods.

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@chrisnb For Mudita, shipments will looks like any other shipments outside the EU, i.e. with full customs clearance, which WILL NOT affect the recipient, additional costs and customs paperwork are all done on Mudita’s side. The only thing is that after Brexit, the delivery time increased significantly. Hopefully this helps.