Screen Time & Sleep

As you guys know, we launch two alarm clocks this week.

By choosing a traditional alarm clock, such as #MuditaBell or #MuditaHarmony, which intentionally moves us away from ever-present screen time, it possible to truly relax and unwind, so that we may get a proper, restorative night of sleep.

Do any of you use a smartphone or a smartwatch as an alarm clock? If you do, could you please tell us WHY?

I use my smartphone as an alarm clock only when I am traveling and have forgotten to take my tiny Braun alarm clock with me. No matter where I am, I set my smartphone across the room or in another room. So, in the rare instances that I am using my smartphone as an alarm clock, I must get out of bed to turn off its alarm.

I gave a relative one of those alarm clocks that jumps onto the floor and moves around, which forces her (if she is using it!) to chase after it to turn it off!

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Same as kirkmahoneyphd, only use it for that purpose when travelling.
Ordinarily i would not want a phone in the same bedroom that i sleep in. Mostly for minimizing exposure to unnessessary RF radiation.

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